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Winter Spring 2018 Sweepstakes No Bottom - Enter to Win the Wedding Video of your Dreams!
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You could end up with a wedding video like this one!

Don’t leave your wedding memories up to chance–Wedding video packages start at $2570.

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Love the idea of getting a great wedding video at such a good value!

I HOPE I WIN 🙂 It’ll be so amazing to get a videoagrapher since we can only afford a photographer!

I am what most people would call a young bride (which I am lol) I am 21 this January, and my fiancee is 24 this February. One of the reasons I would love to win the free videography sweepstakes is because, weddings are expensive! Winning this sweepstakes would take a great burden off of us, in capturing our special day. The memories will not only be cherished by us, but also by my dad. He unfortunately isn’t able at this time to see his little girl walk down the aisle, due to a stroke he had in 2016. Like most young girls, I dreamt of my wedding day and my dad walking me down the aisle, and us completing our father daughter dance. Him not being able holding me in his arms on that dance floor continues to break my heart. But with the support of my fiancée, family, and friends I am pushing through. This gift would mean the world to me for years to come. Please consider me for the prize of this sweepstakes. Thank you.

– Breanna Osborne

We would love to be chosen! We can not afford a videographer due to our budget, but would love one and would be honored to be the big winner!

Excited for this rare opportunity! We are such fans of nst’s work!!

It would be amazing and such a dream to win videography!

I would be honoured to win this sweepstake, because weddings can get so expensive and we can barely afford a photographer it would be such a honour and pleasure to have a videographer to document our journey from being high school sweethearts to becoming husband and wife

We would love to win this. I always watch wedding videos online and just love seeing how they are put together and the outcome of people’s big day! Like other people a videographer is just simply not in our budget for the wedding. Thank you for this opportunity!

These videos look AMAZING! We had to cut the videographer out of the budget because there wasn’t room and one of my sorority sisters is going to take our photos…video not included. I would love to have this to show friends and relatives who couldn’t make it!

these photos are a dream !!! love them and the editing of them.

From the moment i saw your portfolio i became a fan of your work. You have successfully captured all the precious moments of their biggest day of lives. Our big day will go by so quickly that we will barely have time to enjoy. It will be great to look back through your eyes and cherish the memories forever. We have a set budget for videography and if we win this we will donate that amount on your name.





My fiance and I would love to have a video of our wedding day, but our budget doesn’t allow for a videographer. We would be so excited to win a video to preserve our wedding day for the rest of our lives!

As a teacher, it is tough to afford everything we’d love into our wedding. My fiance and I are paying for our wedding ourselves and we’d really love this keepsake to help us remember all of the love that will surround us on our wedding day.

Nichole Kuykendall

I really hope that I win this video!

My fiance and I love your wedding videos! We would love to have such a beautiful way to remember our wedding 🙂

It would be great to have a videographer since we can only afford a photographer.

It would be a dream to have you guys film my wedding!

I would absolutely LOVE to win! A videographer is something I’ve always dreamed about having but sadly cannot afford. Keeping my fingers crossed!

This giveaway is incredible. As a bride on a budget, a giveaway like this means so much because we could have all of the little moments and details to relive and treasure forever without feeling like we spent frivolous money on something we weren’t sure we could afford. Without something like this, we probably won’t have video at all. To win this, the amazing quality of NST Pictures would just be icing on the cake.

It would be awesome to win! What a great contest!

Your videos are absolutely beautiful. Winning a package from NST Pictures would be an absolute dream!

It would be awesome to win a video since my fiancé and I are on a budget and only going with a photographer right now. I love your portfolio!!!! ????

What better gift than the gift of our wedding day story caught on video by one of the best their is!! We would be beyond thrilled to win! And so thankful!!! Fingers crossed!!! 12.07.2018

We would absolutely love to win this! NST would make our wedding a huge success!

My fiance and I traveled the world for three years together and would love to share our unique love story with the wedding film of our dreams.

This video is absolutely beautifully done! What a blessing it would be to have our wedding day preserved like this!

This is such a wonderful opportunity. Good luck to everyone who entered!

What an incredible opportunity! I hope NSTPictures can help us capture the love and fun of our special day! #pickme!

Love NST pictures and really hope this works out!

A wedding day video is super important to me as it would allow the day to be captured and looked back upon in the future. It helps bring your special day back to life and makes it more than a memory. Unfortunately, the bridal gown company that I ordered from closed down and claimed bankruptcy. Not only was I out the money that I had spent on the dress, but I was also out my dream dress! I have since said yes to the dress a second time, but the unforeseen cost and loss of such a significant amount of money has affected our ability to afford videography for our special day . Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway opportunity. It would mean the world to us!

We cannot wait to get married and are putting together our big day in four months! Which hasn’t left us much time to save up for a big dream wedding- but being able to capture our intimate ceremony and reception with a forever memory would be a dream come true!

Would be great to have n.s.t. pictures do our videography!

How exciting! 🙂

Samantha Irene Downs

Whoever receive this wonderful blessing may they have a magical day and enjoy the wonderful season and adventure they are about to embark on.



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