Anjelica Rahaniotis

My father just recently passed and I’m trying very hard to make my wedding special. We always used to plan my wedding together and the fact that he’s not here is very difficult. I am a big movie buff and was a film major in college so I definitely want something unique.

Sorry for your loss, Anjelica. Losing a parent is such a tough thing. Maybe there is some way special that you can honor his memory at your wedding? Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning. It will be a special day no matter what. 🙂


My fiancee and I have had a very heartfelt relationship with all odds against us. Everything that could keep us apart had happened. I won’t take up this whole space with the love story but u think it, it’s happened….We are soulmates and we will be together forever. Please help us make this wedding something we will never forget.

Would love to win a wedding video to remember our very special day!

Wonderfully done

I love the attention to deatail

Would love to use this production team for my own special day and to capture all the memories we make.

I would love to have a video of what will be one of the best days of our lives Thank you

Would love to win videography from NST! Your work is so beautiful. Just what we need to remember all the special parts of our day.

Would love to win videography coverage from NST. My fiancé and I love their style!! <3

These videos make me even more excited to be marrying my best friend. Come on September!

I have dreamt of my wedding day ever since I was a little girl. It has always been a goal of mine, to marry my one true love and start our own little family. A wedding day is more than a celebration, it is commitment, dedication, and most importantly it is love between two people. Your videos are proof of all these amazing highlights on ones wedding day. It would be an honor to have NST capture the most special day of our life.

This February will make 10 years my fiancee and I will be engaged, we fell inlove almost 13 years ago we have two beautiful daughters. Although 10 years is extremely long we have been waiting for our big day, we are in love and ready to be married soon we would to be bless to win such a blessing and would treasure this for the rest of our lives…watching the weddings brought tears of joy to my eyes great job…..

We would love to have a film to remember our special day!

Your videos are absolutely beautiful! We love NST and would love full coverage videography at our wedding!

i cannot wait!!! this is so beautiful!

Oops tho I am resident of the Northern east side Aka Tri-state area I was planning a wedding in North Carolina I can’t continue to enter giveaway can I?

Would love to win a video package for our wedding, not sure if you do destination but I’m sure if I win it’s something we could discuss 😉

Our wedding is April 22, 2017 at Atalaya Castle in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. When is the drawing of this contest?!

If you book one of your avideographer already, can you still enter?

So sorry, Candace! The sweepstakes is not valid to already-booked clients 🙁

We would be so thrilled and honored to win a videography package for our wedding in September! We want to be able to relive our day and visit our memories of it whenever we want as well as share the joy of the day with long distance relatives who won’t be able to join us. It is such an amazing thing to give your expert services away to one lucky couple. Here’s to hoping it’s us!! 🙂

Awesome giveaway! My wedding will be this Fall in NYC, would be the cherry on top if me and my fiance win the giveaway!

When is the drawing? My fiancée and I would love a beautifully crafted video for our special day in November!

Would LOVE to win something as amazing as this! Good luck to everyone who has entered!

I don’t really believe in the saying that everything happens for a reason, but I will say that a certain trajectory of events brought me and my fiancé together and that it all started when my apartment burned down. I met him when me and my roommates relocated to an even cuter apartment in a townhouse a few miles away – we were neighbors. Five years later, here we are, and I couldn’t be more excited for our wedding. All of my grandparents have passed, and my fiancés grandparents are either too ill or too far to travel for it. It would be truly wonderful to document this special day and be able to share it with those who can’t join us as well as our future family. You capture such beautiful memories. Hope you can capture ours too!

Would love to win this video package from NST. I feel it’s a must to have. For having a video of one of your most important days gives you the chance to relive it many times over. Plus you get to see your wedding from a different view. Thank you for this chance and congrats to whoever wins! <3

My fiance is a Sargent in the USMC and as you may know, the military pay is not good at all. We are paying for most of the wedding ourselves so to win this package would be a Godsend. My fiancé and I knew each other as little kids and got reacquainted in 2014 and he proposed DEC 2015. We are so looking forward to a life together once his term in the USMC is over this June. Winning this prize would help us in many ways including helping us start our life without as much debt and leave us with an awesome photo collection and gorgeous video to boot! We can only pray that God gives us this opportunity. Thanks for considering us.

We would love to have our special day captured in video, and this contest will hopefully help us achieve that opportunity!

My high school sweetheart and I are getting married this October. We’ve been saving up to pay for our wedding but unfortunately can’t afford a videographer. We would love to win this amazing package so we can capture our special day on film. Thank you NST Pictures for doing amazing work!

My fiance and I will be having our wedding at the Washington DC Temple, and then our reception at the Gambrill State Park Tea Room. Our colors are sage green with various colors of tans and browns and other shades of green. We are going for a very natural and earthy look with a few added rustic accessories and decor to add some texture. Our wedding will be beautiful! We are so excited to be married and I’m thankful for this opportunity to be able to win a wedding video package! 🙂

I would love the opportunity to capture our special day on video!

Hi it is very important to me to have my special day filmed so that every special moment can be captured. A video can replay all the special events like it just happened. It tells more of a story than pictures.
I would love to use my video to remind me in hard times that I have someone special by my side. We have been together about 10 years and kept passing our date back due to very tragic events we had no control over. We had 3 babies whom are now our angels. And a car accident witch left my back messed up and now a son whom suffers from epilepsy and severs asthma and alergies.
I would cherish every moment captured and watch it when I’m down or just need an uplifting in my day. Thank you.

I wish to win this what a colourful day it will be!

I would love to win this package. My fiance and i marry in June. we have a photographer but could not afford video even though I really wanted it. There is a lot that can be captured with the photos but our ceremony, and those first few special dances can only truly be captured on video. I may wind up asking a friend to try to do it but it would be so much better done by a professional. My fiance’s money is going into all the other vendors we have to pay and all of mine has gone into all the diy crafts of the flowers and decor for the reception to save some money. I made our own save the dates and the invitations myself too. Winning this would mean so much since we can’t afford to pay for it.

From the Eastern Hemisphere of the world to the Western Hemisphere, I met my fiancé and have been together for a decade similar to the couple in your video so it is quite nostalgic. We would he honored to share our love story through NST pictures!

Looks awesome!

Elizabeth Chonoles

So excited for the opportunity to win something that I might not otherwise have had! I would love to have a videography/cinematography package but the fact of the matter is I just can’t budget for it!!! This is a great opportunity!

Thank you so much!

I just entered your contest! Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful prize. My fiancé and I are having a beautiful wedding by the Sea but unfortunately, photography/videography can get very expensive so we haven’t found anything that works for us at the quality we would like. Your work is stunning and whether we win or not, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity. ?

My fiance and I have a limited budget, but we are finding fun and interesting ways to make our wedding the way we both want it. Your videos are beautiful and they are edited wonderfully. They would be a nice way to help us relive our wedding.

This is awesome! Would love to win for our July 2017 beach wedding!! 🙂

So gorgeous!

My fiancé and I just bought our first home together AND we will be paying for the wedding ourselves so to win a videography package would be absolutely AMAZING! I just love your work – the light, romantic feel is exactly my style!

PS – I am SO enjoying your latest Instagram story posts at the Brooklyn Winery – I have never been but will definitely check it out!

fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed! Thanks NST!

I would love the opportunity to win a video package for my wedding in November. Our wedding is going to have a very classy and elegant feel, and you’re style of work would be perfect for us!



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