10 Creative Wedding Send-Off Ideas

After months of planning, you’ve married your best friend, took a million photos with your friends and family, ate some amazing cake, and danced the night away. Now all that’s left is the grand finale – your big wedding send-off! Wrap up your wedding in unforgettable style that reflects your personality with inspiration from these ten creative ideas, but a word to the wise – an awesome wedding send-off is something you will want to remember forever, so be sure to check that you have enough coverage time with your videographer and photographer to capture this magical moment!

Take off in a vintage getaway car
Forever a classic wedding send-off, but you can get creative with it! A cool vintage car provides the perfect wedding exit to impress your guests as you ride off in style. Personalize it with handmade banners or floral garlands to make it your own perfect getaway car.

Set-off some fireworks
If you have extra room in your budget, a fireworks display is a great way to end your wedding night with a bang – pun intended! Light up the night in a way that guests (and you!) will remember forever. For some inspiration, look to the magnificent fireworks display in Emily & Katrina’s wedding video below.

Sparkle with some sparklers
There’s a reason why so many couples love wedding sparklers for their send-offs. As seen in Diana & Mariano’s wedding video, sparklers are fabulous, romantic, and entertaining for both guests and the bride and groom. And unlike confetti or rice, sparklers don’t require any post-wedding cleanup!

Set sail in a boat
Having a waterside wedding? Switch it up from a getaway car and go by boat instead! Wave goodbye to your guests as you set sail into the sunset (or night!). Look to Hillary & Scott’s wedding video for a fun boat wedding send-off.

Make a wish with sky lanterns
Take a cue from Disney’s Tangled and release sky lanterns as your big finale. Breathtaking in-person and stunning in photos, sky lanterns provide a dreamy and heart-warming way for guests to release wedding wishes for the happy couple.

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Bike into the sunset
You never forget how to ride a bicycle, so have some fun with it on your wedding day! Easy and environmentally-friendly, it’s a win-win option for a cute wedding send-off. Bonus: for some extra fun, do it the tandem way, as seen in Kaitlin & Bryan’s wedding video! Bigger bonus: it’ll take off some of those wedding cake calories!

Make it rain with confetti
Your guests can toss rose petals like they did in Nicolette & Ali’s wedding, or they can toss confetti if you want a more colorful exit! Confetti canons are now a thing, and not only are they affordable and extremely effective, they also will create colorful explosions like none you will ever see. There are multiple bio-degradable options available, so Mother Earth will be happy about it too.

Blow it up with bubbles
Say hello to the newest wedding trend! As with sparklers, bubbles are a fun way to celebrate without making a mess that no one will want to clean up. Also, bonus points for being daytime-friendly as well!

Do a march around town
You’re happy, your guests are happy… why not spread that happiness around town? Take a cue from Jen & Nancy’s march around Brooklyn – this will also provide the perfect sightseeing opportunity for your visiting guests!

End the final dance with champagne bottle sparklers
Do it like Fahimeh & Brett and have your last dance surrounded by champagne bottle sparklers! These festive additions on the dance floor will make sure your party is memorable for years to come.

Did you fall in love with these wedding videos and leave feeling inspired? You can have one of your very own with your perfect wedding send-off, but remember to compare your wedding day timeline with your coverage hours to make sure your videographer can capture your grand finale! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to add extra time to your package – it will be worthy of your investment! Click here to get started!


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