6 Chic Wedding Exit Alternatives to the Classic Getaway Car

In collaboration with Oscar Collins

When you imagine your wedding exit, you might think of a limo, convertible or even your own daily driver. You might add a little window paint or a few streamers. And while that’s fine, you deserve more fanfare when you leave your wedding. 

With that in mind, here are six alternatives to the classic getaway car to wow you and your guests at the end of the festivities. 

Horse-Drawn Carriage Wedding Exit

Many brides want to feel like Cinderella on their wedding day, and you can enjoy that prestige by riding away in a horse-drawn carriage. 

Many stables offer carriage rides, and you can work with them to decorate for your magical day. Take pictures with the majestic horses and mimic scenes from your favorite movies. 

How to Make It Happen 

Research carriages in advance so you can book the date you want. If you haven’t seen any in your area, consider reaching out around the state or to others nearby. Some companies travel. Prices vary, so plan your wedding budget to ensure you have the desired carriage.

Tractor Wedding Getaway

If you and your fiance are country folk through and through, consider riding away on a big  green tractor. 

You can hook a float to a trailer and decorate it with your wedding theme and mementos. Ride on that portion or get a nice view up front. It’s the perfect way to end a country-themed wedding or turn heads in your town or city. Just ensure you’re allowed to drive a tractor in your municipality. 

How to Make It Happen 

If you or someone you know doesn’t have a tractor or trailer, you can rent one through a heavy equipment rental company. 

In most cases, you don’t need a special license to operate a tractor, but it’s important to check with the company you’re renting from so you can provide the required license and insurance information. If no one’s driven a tractor, practice in a safe location before the wedding. 

Four-Wheeler Wedding Exit

You could ride away in a four-wheeler to feel the wind in your hair while sitting beside your new spouse. 

Consider your location when deciding on a four-wheeler. Though four-wheelers are all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), some states will let you take them on the road with the proper documentation. Like a motorcycle, you’ll need helmets that you can decorate to match your wedding’s theme. 

How to Make It Happen 

Many companies rent out ATVs in their area. You could also ask to borrow them from someone you know. Ensure you can safely operate the four-wheeler before your wedding. 

Avoid using one in potentially unsafe conditions like winter weather or heavy rain. To optimize safety, check the tire pressure before every ride and maintain the oil level. 

Aircraft Wedding Exit Idea

If you’re lucky to know someone who flies or a local pilot provides rides, you could leave your reception in a small plane or helicopter.

Get once-in-a-lifetime photos while enjoying an incredible view to end the best day of your life. Depending on the aircraft, you could enjoy a toast or your favorite music as you fly away. 

How to Make It Happen 

If you don’t know a pilot, contact your local airfield or search social media to find an experienced, licensed pilot willing to work your special night. You’ll need to have your reception near a large, open space suitable for aircraft takeoff and landing to make it happen. 

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Getaway Alternative

Another way to get away via the sky is with a hot air balloon. 

Enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery in a colorful vessel. Your guests will watch you float away into your new life together. 

How to Make It Happen 

Companies throughout the country operate balloons and some travel to different locations to offer excursions. You might have to research festivals or experiences close to you to determine whether a balloon can fly you on your wedding day. They are unsafe to fly in rain, high winds or after dark, so prepare accordingly and have a backup option. 

Boat Wedding Exit Idea

A wedding by the water is beautiful, and you can take full advantage of the location by renting a boat to sail away from your reception. 

You can secure banners or decorations inside to customize the experience and enjoy the fresh air and smell of the water. You could store after-party snacks or drinks if someone else is willing to stay sober and take the wheel. 

How to Make It Happen 

When there is a lake or ocean, a company is likely nearby to rent boats. Depending on policies, renting may not be possible after a certain time, so plan accordingly. 

If you have a friend with a boat, ensure everyone is sober and the weather’s ideal.

Keep the Party Going After Your Reception

After months or years of planning an event to celebrate you and your partner’s love for each other, the end of your reception is the finale.

A unique getaway could put the cherry on top of an incredible day and have you vanishing off into the sunset in style. Make sure you capture that amazing moment with a romantic wedding film. Click here to see if NST Pictures is available for your day.

About the Author: Oscar Collins is a wedding columnist and editor-in-chief at Modded. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for regular updates on his work. 


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