3 Wedding-Planning Tips for the Millennial Couple on a Budget

Ah, the millennials. They’re a curious specimen that’s the result of growing up in a generation when tradition clashed with change and innovation. Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are the main witnesses, recipients, agents, and experiencers of technological advancements and the significant cultural shifts around the world.

Sadly, despite the mentally enriching effects of this cultural shift, 62 percent of millennials are financially struggling. Jokes about broke millennials still living with parents and paying off student loans are rife but are also real-life horror stories. It’s unsurprising then for millennials to get married late and be more stringent when it comes to their finances.

If you’re a millennial couple planning to walk down the aisle without limping from the dizzying wedding expenses, this article is for you. Read on for ways to make your wedding low-cost but high-key fab.

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Take the Minimalist Approach

Weddings are, strangely enough, the stuff of dreams and nightmares. On the one hand, the romantic atmosphere created by a cohesive mixture of colors and decorations makes you feel as though you’ve strayed into a fairy tale. On the other hand, the outrageous bills, grueling preparations, and thoughts of last-minute blunders will have you tossing and turning in bed.

The perfect wedding is the result of flawless execution and intensive planning. Unfortunately, it’s the small details and the desire for elaborate ornamentation that often throw a wrench in your plans. To avoid burgeoning wedding woes, opt for a minimalist wedding.

A minimalist wedding wisely embodies the saying “Simplicity is beauty.” The millennial couple is the wedding’s focal point, and this makes perfect sense because, after all, their love for each other is the reason for getting hitched.

If you want a minimalist wedding, try these suggestions:

  1. Choose a few key pieces that will stand out among the toned-down elements. For example, you can use greenery as bold accent pieces or votives.
  2. Work with wood and selected antique pieces for that romantic mix of rustic and vintage.
  3. Use geometric figures for arches and backdrops.
  4. Use fancy typography on your wedding invites and stationery. The paper should be sparsely designed so that the focus is on the typography.
  5. Work with a neutral color palette, but you may use flowers as decorations to add a splash of bright color to an otherwise-subdued color scheme.

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Go Green

In a world of woke baes and increased participation in activism and political conversations, taking up environmentalist causes is popular among millennials. It is only natural then for sustainability to permeate and govern their lifestyle choices.

Having a zero-waste wedding does keep the spending and consumption to a minimum. After all, you won’t need to buy new items that are likely to be disposed of after a one time use. With plenty of resourcefulness, excellent thrifting and haggling skills, and smooth DIY moves, you can use repurposed pieces as decorations.

Flout Convention, and Just Do You

This unique position in the history of humankind has allowed millennials to reexamine society’s beliefs and customs. For example, the millennial couple are more likely to forgo or at least bend the wedding norms because of this generation’s preference for individuality and self-expression.

Ultimately, it’s your happiness and that of your partner that will matter, so your wedding should reflect your preferences and values. It’s your money being spent too, so you get the most say out of the whole matter. Curb your spending by doing the following:

  1. Have a more casual dress code for the members of your wedding party. Also, you can repurpose old wedding gowns and rent tuxes instead of buying new clothes.
  2. Instead of getting caterers, have a potluck. Assign specific dishes to friends and family members, and don’t forget to ask about food allergies.
  3. Have the reception on your backyard or any free public venue. If there are gardens, you won’t need to spend so much on floral decorations.
  4. Use technology to your advantage. Send email invites, although you can give the less-tech-savvy guests the usual paper cards. Create your own wedding playlist. Use your music player and good-quality speakers so you won’t need to hire a DJ anymore.
  5. You can assemble a gift box with customized packaging and include practical, useful items as contents. Condiments; small packets of food, coffee, or tea; and self-care items such as skin-care products and grooming sets are popular choices. You can design your own boxes if you want them to be more personalized.

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What a Wedding Really Is

Aside from reveling in festivities, making a touching exchange of vows, and sampling sumptuous food, you are celebrating a new chapter of your life when you get married. Truth be told, planning a budget-friendly wedding is easy and difficult at the same time. Today’s technology gives you ample resources for extensive research and makes it convenient for you to cut corners where you can wisely do so. The challenge lies in having enough time to pull off everything seamlessly.

If you decide to take a more unconventional approach to your wedding, just explain your decision to your family and guests. Surely they’ll understand.

What would a millennial couple like you do to make your wedding unforgettable but not necessarily frivolous? Let us know in the comments section!

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