Snowy Winter Wedding at the Village Club at Lake Success 

Our #1 Reason to Watch this Wedding at the Village Club at Lake Success

This wedding is all about two families coming together. Ok, every wedding is but this one is particularly family forward and you can just feel the love. 

I love how both families surrounded the couple at the sweetheart table during the reception. Both fathers gave speeches reiterating how much they love Lisa and Jonathan. It may seem like you know exactly what you’re getting into when you get married but life can throw you some serious curveballs and having the support of family around you can make those hard times so much easier. 

Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

Winter wedding decor can be a challenge if you’re trying to stay away from a holiday theme. We film a lot of winter weddings in colder states and typically they’re held in hotel ballrooms or banquet centers. Most of these rooms are painted white, cream, tan or gray and have neutral carpet so they really work as the perfect blank canvas for any wedding color scheme.

Lisa and Jonathan lined the aisles with birch tree accents and tall candelabras, which really brought a romantic and cozy element to the ceremony space of their wedding at the Village Club at Lake Success.

Traditional Wedding Vows

Lisa and Jonathan opted for traditional wedding vows for their ceremony but that didn’t curb their excitement to tie the knot one bit. From the first look outside to the moment he kissed the bride and seals the deal, Jonathan can’t stop smiling. His ear-to-ear grin is infectious and by the time they enter the reception, the entire guest list is smiling too. 

snowy winter wedding video - Snowy Winter Wedding at the Village Club at Lake Success 

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Whether they’re terrified or having the time of their lives, I love watching brides and grooms up on the chairs during the reception. You can just feel the energy in the room! Lisa and Jonathan also smashed the glass to seal the deal and participated in the Hora during their reception. 

Wedding Advice: Give each other a kiss before you go to bed every night

During the speeches, one of the dads shares his marriage advice: “Be honest with each other. Listen to each other. Give each other a kiss before you go to bed every night.” I couldn’t agree more. 

Even though your relationship might be perfect while you’re engaged, as I mentioned before, life can get complicated. Throw new jobs, moving, buying a house, having children and losing family members into the mix and it can become a lot harder to give each other the attention you once could. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll always have a partner by your side to weather the storm and enjoy life’s most amazing moments.

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