Why You Should Consider a Backyard Wedding

When it comes to weddings, there really is no place like home. Granted, a backyard (outdoor) wedding may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that a wedding held at your childhood home or somewhere that holds much personal meaning for you and/or your fiance and also cuts down on a lot of the wedding costs. Although it may require more work than you anticipated, one thing for sure is that you love exchanging your vows in the place that means the most to you.

Keep on reading below to see why we think you should consider a backyard wedding if that’s up your aisle (no pun intended) and watch three of our backyard wedding films that show how staying at home is fun – and truly sentimental!

You will save on venue costs

Venues usually take up the bulk of the wedding expenses, so if you are having a wedding in either your own backyard, you get to save some money this way even though you’ll have to supply your own chairs, tables, and decor.

You have complete control of the space

Hosting your wedding at traditional venues means adhering to that venue’s rules and regulations. This means restrictions on start and end times, decoration limitations, sound ordinances, parking rules, and more. But when you have your wedding in a backyard, you have the flexibility to decorate and design the space any way you want. You can also decide just how elegant and fancy or how laid back and casual you want your wedding day to be. Being able write your own rules is a huge benefit of hosting a backyard wedding.

You’re not tied to date restrictions.

Traditional wedding venues often book up a year or even two in advance, but with a wedding in a private residence, it’ll allow for flexibility when it comes to choosing your date.

You can work with any vendor you’d like, large or local.

Many venues restrict you to work with only vendors from their “preferred vendor” list, but with a wedding in a private residence, you have the flexibility of working with any vendor you’d like, whether they’re large or local or even a friend who just started their own catering business.

Nothing compares to getting ready in your childhood room and coming out of your childhood house in your gown surrounded by your parents and your closest friends in their bridesmaids dresses. Are you getting warmed up to the idea of a backyard wedding? For more films and wedding ideas, head on over to our portfolio! Are you a bride or groom who is currently putting together the wedding logistics and wish to inquire about a wedding videographer? Get started by contacting us today!



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