Bryant Park Grill: Sophistication and Class

Perfectly situated behind one of New York’s landmarks, the New York Public Library, Bryant Park holds an amazing backdrop for Bryant Park Grill in New York. With its Parisian-style dining, it is a sophisticated venue for couples to celebrate their love for one another with friends and family.

RE 728x90 01 - Bryant Park Grill: Sophistication and Class

We are excited to share with you two of our Bryant Park Grill weddings. With the festive tent that could accommodate your guests, and a patio and roof ready to provide a magical experience, Bryant Park Grill is perfect for celebrations. The high windows overlooking Bryant Park would make anyone looking out of it swoon with the vast greenery of the surrounding landscape.

Annie and Austin’s wedding looks amazing with Annie looking so sophisticated in her appliqued-bodice tulle wedding dress and Austin looking dashing in his suit. Annie completed her look with a detailed veil and an all-white wedding bouquet. Just stunning! We felt so warm and fuzzy inside when he exclaimed “Oh my God! You look beautiful!” after seeing his lovely bride during their first look! If you want to read about their feature, grab The Knot magazine available in newsstands now!

Brianne and Greg’s wedding fits the sophisticated feel of the Bryant Park Grill. Brianne looks gorgeous in her beautifully detailed wedding dress with a scoop back, and Greg just looks so sharp in his suit! They are both so lucky to have found one another, when they look into each other’s eyes, the room lights up with the love they have for each other. Take a look at this video to see how much spark there is when they look at each other.

getting married in bryant park - Bryant Park Grill: Sophistication and Class

We are ready for you! Our professional cinematographers and editors are ready to capture your big day! Head here to get in contact with us today!



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