Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Thinking About a Barn Wedding

A barn wedding is one of the more affordable yet beautiful wedding set-ups. It is romantic yet still has a casual flair. It’s no wonder that a barn wedding is one of the more popular wedding venues for soon-to-be-married couples.

However, before you book that barn, there are several things you need to consider. Here are a few points to get you started.

Budget for barn extras.

Most barn wedding venues don’t offer full service, so you’ll likely be responsible foe extras such as chairs, tables, and place  settings. There might also be fees for catering tents, generators, lighting, and even DJ booth. Make sure your caterer, as well as your entertainment, will have access to all of the venue’s electrical outlets. Give the barn manager a list of everything you’ll need. Also, consider hiring a planner that specializes in coordinating barn weddings.

Local sound ordinance rules

Even if the barn is in a relatively remote locale, you should still check if there are any sound ordinance rules in the town that will keep you and your guests from dancing into the wee hours. If there is, make sure to specifically instruct your DJ or your band the time they should be wrapping up.

If there are no sound ordinance rules in your wedding venue yet you still have several houses nearby,  be mindful of that and make sure to consider this when planning the event timeline. If the ordinance rule requires you to end your party earlier, you may still want to continue with a casual afterparty at a bar or in a nearby local restaurant.

Check the grounds

While having pastures and fields seem like a picturesque idea, your venue grounds should also be your top priority to make sure they are car-friendly. This is especially important if you’ll have elderly guests who cannot walk long distances. Your uncle may reconsider attending if he knows he’ll have a difficult time pushing his wheelchair through the scenic fields around the barn. And what if the fields turn to mud should it rain? Does the venue have a paved parking lot? These are all things to consider.

Prep for bugs

Chirping crickets and fireflies could be romantic. But still, you wouldn’t want you and your guests to leave the night with bug bites from your wedding. Have citronella candles set up in every corner of the barn wedding venue. You can also consider putting small baskets with bug spray in restrooms or near the entrance of the barn for your guests. It also doesn’t hurt to inquire about having the area sprayed a few days before the wedding. There are plenty of non-chemical options available that might help keep bugs at bay.

Weatherproof your guests

Paper fans and parasols are necessities during hot months, but they aren’t particularly designed for any cross-ventilation. With that in mind, get your industrial fans ready to circulate the air especially if your wedding is in the summer. During winter, barns might need heaters to keep guests warm. Let your guests know—in the invitation or on the wedding website—if they should bring a sweater or wrap to stay comfortable.

Allergy-proof your barn

Animals present at your barn wedding venue mean hays and feeds are also present, which could result in a full blown allergy attack for you and/or your guests. If you’re planning on having a few animals around your barn, make sure they will have their own separate area so that guests could still go near them if they want. You can also offer some Benadryl in the restrooms, just in case.

Consider skipping the stilettos

Some barn wedding venues have either pebble, wood or even dirt floors. You may wish to provide some flip flops or ballet flats for your guests so that they won’t ruin their heels. You can also add this detail to your wedding invitation or website. If you plan to change from heels to flats for your barn wedding reception, it’s important to tell your bridal salon to make sure they’ll adjust the hem of your wedding dress. You wouldn’t want to ruin your wedding dress by having it drag on the ground for the duration of the night.

Decorate the restrooms

Some barn wedding venues don’t have bathrooms, which means you’ll have to rent facilities for the event. Luckily, there are plenty of luxury restroom rentals—no common port-a-potties for this event! It’s a nice touch to add some fresh flowers, air fresheners, potpourri and some amenities baskets with mint, hairspray, and anti-bacterial soap for your guests, as well as some Band-Aids, aspirin, or even safety pins. Additionally, you may want to hire an attendant to replenish the amenities and also to ensure that your restroom area will stay clean throughout the night.

Add your personal touch

Barns offer the perfect blank canvas for you to get creative and add your personal touch. Do not be afraid to explore the trend of DIY and personalization on your wedding day. Add some finishing touches that speak more of your personality and creativity. After all, it is your own wedding and you’ll have the flexibility to truly make your wedding more about you and your partner than the venue itself.

Ready to search for more wedding inspiration? Check out our collection of wedding films in our portfolio, or if you’re ready to speak to one of our consultants, book an appointment here today!



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