How to Avoid Sweating The Small Stuff While Planning Your Wedding

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You fell in love, you found your partner, and now you’re ready to say “I do.” Before the celebration can ensue plans need to be made, themes have to be decided on, cake needs to be tasted, and money has to be spent. So how do you keep your cool and enjoy this incredible milestone in your life without having a Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest break down?

Choose a Location

Whether you want a destination wedding, a small backyard affair, or the hottest venue in town, have a talk with your partner to commit to a decision. Typically it’s more affordable and less stressful to have all of the day’s festivities take place in one setting. Huffington Post reported that having a wedding in one location cuts costs, simplifies logistics, and increases the ability for you to spend money in other areas. The where allows for you to know the when, the how, and the who.

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The first step to prioritize is to make a specific to-do list. Never feel obligated to add anything to your special day because of outside influences. Your wedding day is not about keeping up with the Joneses. Ask yourself: do you care about intimacy? Maybe you want it to be only the people you truly love, just family without friends. Decide with your partner. Don’t worry about what others may think. Is photography or videography important to you? Maybe you know while you’re experiencing the big day, time will fly by and you want to capture it all without worry. These are the important questions to keep in mind throughout the planning.

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Before anything is set in stone, come to a mutual agreement about how much you want to spend. If one of you has a rewards card that will allow you to get a discount on a specific hotel you can book rooms for guests coming in from out of town, and earn points to put toward your honeymoon! In return for making the accommodations, those guests can Venmo or pay you back upon their arrival.

If you’re willing to do some DIY, schedule time with family and friends to decorate and create your ideal decorations and/or favors. It’s becoming more prevalent for millennial couples to pay for their own wedding, and so if you or a loved one are responsible to make the magic happen, research to find discount options that’ll relieve stress and any financial burdens.

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Capturing the Big Day

After months of planning it all comes down to one day. With all the time and financial investments made it’d be a shame not to capture each tender moment. Photos and video will be with you for a lifetime, and can continue to be passed down to your kids.

Some couples wait to begin looking for their videographer towards the end of their planning without leaving much money in the budget for the best one. It’s not just a few photos and video clips of you and your partner on your wedding day looking beautiful and happy; rather, it is about a beautiful story reflecting your wedding day, complete with moments from getting ready and joking with your bridesmaids, to the first look with your parents and hearing your partner say the vows. Capturing the beautiful details on your day is worth the investment and research.

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Reality Check

Your wedding day is for you to enjoy and celebrate. There’s always a solution to whatever comes your way. It might be tempting to get extravagant with food options, DJ, or a venue, but it’s important to remember who you are. You wouldn’t want to begin your marriage with a mountain of debt, so don’t make major decisions you’ll regret in the long run. Go to free bridal events for inspiration and save your money for life’s big expenses such as the honeymoon or the down payment for the house you’ve always dreamed of living in. Make self-care a priority through the entire process and stay in touch with your everyday responsibilities.

If planning does start to feel like it’s becoming too much, you can always research affordable wedding planners who can help you throughout the process but won’t overshadow your vision for the special day.



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