Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

Wondering why the typical wedding videographer cost is so expensive?

Planning a wedding can be an extremely expensive event. Most couples are footing the bill themselves, with little to no help from relatives. However, when you’re spending so much money on all of the details of your big party, it’s important to consider the long term–what precautions are you taking so you will remember this important–and expensive–day? You’re so busy on the day of, it may fly by without you even getting the chance to look at the centerpieces that you spent $3000 on! You can also rent from a reputed rental business. This way you can save money. If you are in LA and you are looking for camera rentals in Los Angeles then FriendWithA is a good place to go.

Many couples look to wedding videography to resolve that worry. Wedding cinematography not only lets you revisit the important details that made your day yours, but it also lets you listen to your vows being spoken at the altar, hear the sweet speeches from your friends and family and sway to the beat of the music as you watch your first dance as a married couple.

Wedding videographer cost - Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

It’s a very important investment that will become a family heirloom. Everyone from your grandparents to your children (who may not even exist yet!) will love pressing play and diving into the history of your family.

Even though it’s such an important day, many couples still struggle with understanding the cost of hiring a wedding videographer. A common misconception is that when the word “wedding” is tacked on to a service, companies jack up the price. This is NOT TRUE! There is a lot of equipment, time, education and liability that goes into filming weddings.

Below is a visual representation of what you get when you purchase our lowest wedding videography package:

You get $29,732 of wedding videography equipment

Screen Shot 2015 09 03 at 1.20.33 PM - Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

x2 for your second cinematographer

The cameras we use and our special camera profile settings are what give our films a cinematic look. The lenses in the middle smooth skin and let us capture details. The lens on the right allows us to film from far away, like from the balcony of a church that restricts our access during the ceremony.

Screen Shot 2015 09 03 at 1.20.58 PM - Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

x2 for your second cinematographer

A battery charger and multiple back-up batteries are essential. We need enough power to film for six to twelve hours, as well as have some extras on hand for emergencies.

Screen Shot 2015 09 03 at 1.21.13 PM - Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

x2 for your second cinematographer

All cinematographers carry a back-up camera. If for some reason the camera malfunctions, we won’t miss a minute of your wedding day. A tripod and monopod are necessary for capturing clear, stable shots and the slider is for steady, cinematic pans.

Screen Shot 2015 09 03 at 1.21.26 PM - Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

Wireless microphones, one for the groom and one for the officiant, pick up perfect audio. Footage is stored on massive external hard drives and high-powered computers with the latest editing software are needed to manage and edit footage.

These aren’t one-time purchases either. Cameras and computers need to be professionally serviced from time to time, hard drives need to be purchased and editing software needs to be renewed yearly.


Screen Shot 2015 09 03 at 1.21.44 PM - Why does a wedding videographer cost so much?

The time it can take to edit a 3-5 minute wedding trailer can be anywhere from five or six full days at the editing dock. We don’t let just anyone take a stab. An art school education is necessary to be fully trained in the programs and have the eye for creating a cinematic-style wedding film.

We didn’t even include the years of experience that each one of our wedding videographers have–including filming on movie sets, for the fashion industry and hundreds of other weddings to make sure he or she is a seasoned professional that can handle your wedding day. There is A LOT of pressure on this day because it’s a live event and anything can happen.

We also didn’t mention the insurance policies that we pay every year to make sure everyone involved is protected should an emergency happen. Venues require proof of insurance before they allow us to work there.

Now let’s look at what you’re paying for and your final product:

 You get this gorgeous, artistic wedding film to pass down to generations for years to come:

While videography costs may seem like a large portion of your wedding budget, consider the value of the service and product you’re receiving. The cost of editing alone is more than what you’re spending!

If you’re still having a hard time getting the money together to pay for a wedding videographer, check out this article about wedding budget tips or this article about wedding cinematography payment plans. If you’re ready to get started securing your date, click here.







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Definitely a valuable investment. We spend so much time, effort and $$ in this day, it’s imperative to have the greatest moments of it captured for the rest of our lives.

Loving the site and these photos…. getting me so excited for our day!!

Wow! I thought I understood why videography is expensive but not to the extent that is outlined here. Your work is beautiful!

Thank you for the detailed information! This will certainly help me in justifying the cost of a videographer with the fiancé!

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Much like photography, makes sense the cost is so high for the skill, time and equiptment!

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