Engaged and Confused: Where to Start with Wedding Planning

You dreamed about this moment your entire life (or maybe you haven’t) – he gets down on one knee and pops the big question, blah blah blah you say yes and you’re ready to buy a dress by the time he stands back up… Pump your brakes kiddo.

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Before you rush into putting down a deposit with 50 different vendors and forcing all of your loved ones to question your sanity, consider a few of our helpful tips to guide you into creating a wedding you will want to remember!

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1.  Budget Budget Budget

First and foremost, determine your budget. Whether your family is helping you, or you and your partner are making it happen on your own, determine what you can tangibly stand to spend.

Create some sort of list of items and services that you want included in your wedding in order of importance. From there, determine what those items will actually cost.

Once you have an idea as to what your budget is and have established this list, you can easily determine what will make the final cut and what won’t. For the vendors that make it, figure out the right questions to ask to decide which company will be able to satisfy your needs.

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2.  Relax & Research

I know I just hit you with a doozy. Thankfully, this next tip will bring you back to life… Don’t get overwhelmed with the decision making process!

The industry is saturated with a wide variety of options to satisfy even the most eclectic tastes. Instead of focusing on one major company and retrieving all of your information from one popular resource, take a break from reading the reviews of thousands of brides and try researching alternative options that may better match you and your love bug’s style.

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After researching their work, try to only contact three potential vendors for each category. Then, make your decision based on how much you like their work, their reviews and how the price fits into your budget. Perhaps rate each and make a list and let the math do the picking, if that’s your thing.

A quick industry insider, there is a vendor out there that can do precisely what you’re seeking, just be open minded and trust the professionals.

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3.  Don’t Delay

Last but certainly not least, don’t procrastinate! Whether your wedding is 3 years from now or in 6 months, don’t push everything off till months before.

From booking room accommodations to attempting to start a crash diet that you heard Beyonce did, handle every aspect of your wedding preparations in a timely fashion. Not only will this reduce stress for all parties involved, you just might be able to actually enjoy the big day you’ve been painstakingly planning for!

Whether you are a list maker or a visualizer, set a timeline, make a spreadsheet, some sort of physical plan with deadlines to come paired with their associated vendor. This will enable you to actively see dates, times, and prices. With this, you will be able to anticipate everything to come and respond accordingly.

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Ok nowww you can start planning!

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This is so helpful to me! I am in the midst of wedding planning and it’s so wonderful to have such great advice. I feel better about the process now. I absolutely love this video also!! What fun memories to have <3



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