Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

During the planning process, one of our real couples, Amanda and Sean, weren’t sure about hiring a wedding videographer. Amanda had picked a winter wedding date to help her save money on her venue and vendors but still didn’t feel like she could afford a wedding videographer.

Ultimately, NST Pictures was there to film their big day and in the video below, you’ll see Amanda and Sean watch their wedding film for the first time. Check out their reaction and what they had to say about having a wedding videographer.

Amanda and Sean’s artistic wedding video brought their wedding back to life.

After sitting in silence for a few moments soaking it all in, Amanda was the first to speak. ” I loved it,” she said smiling. Sean, who had never seen an NST Pictures wedding video before was the most surprised and compared the wedding film to a music video.

It’s not how it used to be. It’s not like this cheesy footage on a VHS tape.

Amanda continued: “It’s like cinematography and there are a lot of cool shots, especially if you get married in a really cool area, you want to remember all of the money you spent.”

Amanda and Sean’s beautiful 26 Bridge Brooklyn wedding had an industrial city chic feeling, complete with their photo session near Jane’s Carousel, set in front of the sparkling New York City skyline. At the reception, Sean’s daughter gave an emotional speech about growing up with her father. While she is speaking, the wedding film shows shots of Sean, who is a professional hairstylist, doing both his daughter and the bride’s hair the morning of the wedding.

Screen Shot 2015 08 11 at 4.42.21 PM - Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

Sean went on about the importance of the audio in their wedding film.

“I would listen to the audio on this and look at my wedding album of still photos and it would change the experience of looking at the still photos.” Sean said.

The audio is so… you know, I didn’t really think about how important the audio was.

“It just brings it to another level,” Amanda added.

Amanda was excited to see the wedding details again.

One of Amanda’s favorite parts of seeing her wedding video for the first time was getting to see all of the unique details that she had saved up for. “I’m glad that you guys were there so we can watch it again and again and again and remember all of the little details and the fun stuff.”

Their artistic wedding film showed off Amanda’s Steve Madden wedding shoes, her sequined and chiffon sheer wedding dress, her bridesmaids’  white textured bouquets and three multi-tiered wedding cakes.

Amanda’s biggest piece of wedding advice for other brides:

“Think about how you’re going to feel after the wedding. Months after the wedding, yes you’ll have amazing photos to look at but if you have a video, it’s going to kind of take it to the next level and bring it to life.”

Watch Amanda and Sean’s full trailer film below to see their wedding day in action.

Don’t miss out on having a beautiful wedding film to relive your wedding day. Click here to get information and pricing for artistic wedding videographer packages for your own big day.

Amanda and Sean’s wedding was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

photography: Phil Chester // venue: 26 Bridge Brooklyn, New York // day of coordination + florals: The Dedicated New Yorker // alter design: Carl Kocis (father of the bride) // wedding dress: Lovely Bride // dress tailor: Sew Elegant // shoes: Steve Madden // bridesmaid dresses: maid of honor from A.P.C., daughter of the groom from Candela, bridesmaids from Shona JoyAlice + OliviaMonique Lhuillier // hair: Wedding Hair NYC – Sean Gallagher // makeup: Ivy Ermert // groom’s suit: Ted Baker // videography: NST Pictures // photo booth: Magnolia Photo Booth Co. // paper goods: by the bride // catering: Bassett Catering // bar + cocktails: The Little Barmaid & Onieals Soho // cake: Sugar Rush NY // rentals: Broadway Party Rentals // officiant: Matthew Brian Bagley // music: Dennis Condon


Everyone I have talked to about my future wedding says how important it is to hVe a videographer. One bride told me that they ended up not getting one and at the end of their wedding one of their friends surprised them with the video. She said it made her so happy to have every moment captured and recorded for them to watch. I believe that you need a videographer in order to capture every detail on your special day.

Thanks for sharing, Kelly! So great to hear it straight from a real bride’s experience!

I feel the EXACT same way this couple did. I am trying to keep my wedding costs low, but I’ve also heard from married friends that I absolutely have to get video. I’m still on the fence, but if I were to get video, I would love to have exactly what this couple got. It’s something more than a boring video to watch once.

Always good to hear thoughts from your married friends since they’ve been there already. We do offer payment plans so if you set up a consultation with one of our coordinators, we can work something out for you to help ease the burden. It really does become priceless in the long run!

Wow, that is a gorgeous video!! I’ve known without a doubt I wanted to capture our day. It would mean to world to me to see my grandparents’ and parents’ wedding days on film, so I know I must have video for my future kids and grandkids. I am just blown away by how beautiful NST videos come out. Winning the giveaway would be a wedding dream come true for both me and Anthony-something we don’t see ourselves being able to swing otherwise.

Hi Molly, unfortunately, the drawing doesn’t happen until after your wedding day so you aren’t eligible to win. Definitely check out our Lite Collection package that starts at $980. If you’re worried about payments, we could set up a payment plan that works for your schedule so you don’t have to miss out on having a gorgeous family heirloom of your wedding day! <3

My family and friends have always said, your wedding day will fly by. There are not enough hours in the day to experience all the love and joy that will surround you on your wedding day. Having an heirloom video as a lasting memory would be so meaningful. Through the video, we could capture the memories we were able to experience first-hand and moments between friends and family that we might miss.

I agree, this is a fabulous way to capture lifelong memories from one of the most important days of your life. The next most important day would be bringing your children into the world, and I don’t anticipate hiring a videographer for that.. so might as well splurge for the wedding memories!

Good thinking, Allison! To get information about hiring us, contact us here to get pricing and see if we’re available for your day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability/

What a beautiful video! I have my heart set on having a videographer at our rustic outdoor wedding next year, but my fiance isn’t fully convinced because of the cost. I entered the giveaway – fingers crossed. Having a NSTpictures video would be a dream come true!

When my fiance and I started crunching numbers the videographer was the first to go! But after speaking to married friends I heard over and over again how the day flies by and it’s one big blur. Having the video let’s you remember the very precious moments with your family, friends, and husband. Not to mention having something to show your kids and grandchildren in the future!

Don’t forget how long you will have your video (at least 50 years!) as opposed to only one day enjoying your flowers, decor and dress. It’s really a long term investment that let’s you enjoy all of the details over again!

Although it is quite expensive, we have made it a priority to have a Videographer for our special day. It’s one you want to remember for the rest of your lives. We are very much into looking back at special moments in our lives (we keep our old love notes we gave to each other – every the very first note he wrote to me when I first met him, old movie tickets, receipts of different “adventures” we’ve been on, obviously pictures and random videos). We keep everything and we love to reminisce on what we went through as a couple. Having a Videographer will be something we will treasure since it’s the day we intertwined our lives in one. Although it probably will cost more than our wedding in total, we know it will be worth the expense!

Smart thinking, Sabrina!! Looking forward to speaking with you about your big day!

I’m hoping to win your sweepstakes! Your videography is beautiful and I don’t know if we can afford one otherwise.

Capturing the day is very important!

This video seriously made me tear up. Beautiful way to capture a beautiful couple. I now know the importance of hiring a videographer for my special day. My fiance are on a budget since he is the sole provider for his entire family since his father passed away from cancer. We are high school sweethearts, been together for a decade (since I was 16-years-old) and I can’t wait to celebrate the rest of our lives together. I know that our wedding day will be so special and hope we would be able to win the sweepstakes to be able to look back and remember our day through your visual storytelling. This cinematography was so flawless. Loved it!

So beautiful!!!

I don’t have a Facebook so I figured this was the next best thing!
I am entering to win the videography sweepstakes.

This entry is partially for me, but more than anything it is for my fiance. Having just gotten out of the Marine Corps after nine years, completing two deployments and one special duty assignment, he has missed many moments. For some this is upsetting, but for someone so, so close to his family and friends, this has been the hardest part of being away. Having a photographer and videographer capture our special day, with all of his family and friends, would mean more to him than anyone can imagine.

We’ve been engaged for almost 2 years. To this day, we have not planned one part of our wedding. We became engaged while in WA state, on recruiting duty for the Marines. It was impossible to plan from across the country, so we put it off. Upon returning to New Jersey, we realized in getting settled, and dealing with his transition, the money is simply not there. No one deserves to have his memories preserved forever more than my fiance. Upon receiving his severance check, after nine years, rather than treat himself to something, ANYTHING, the man put a deposit down on the house I wanted, and paid off a large chunk of my loans.

We have just gotten engaged. My fiancee/boyfriend works in TV/Movie Industry and we always have stressed the importance of catching moments on video. Unfortunately our finances might prevent us from paying for a videographer. I have been out of work for 6months due to stage four breast cancer and we rely on his paycheck for our finances until I am capable of resuming my job. Your work looks amazing, so I am hoping we could win the videography to capture our future wedding. We have no videos of us together & I would love to capture our special day on tape for us to watch in the years to come. I am so glad that there are amazing companies out there, like you guys, offering quality services and giving chances for brides to win the videography! Much <3.

Thanks for sharing your story, Caitlin. It sounds like you’re fighting the good fight. Don’t give up–love conquers all! NST Pictures is rooting for you!

I couldn’t agree more with this article! I think having a cinematography experience on your wedding day is a way to really capture all the little moments, feelings, and things that you will miss during the craziness of it all!

I love this video, it’s so beautiful. Currently a videographer is not in our budget but after seeing their video and reading all the comments, I’m considering us doing video instead of photo. I’m hoping to win the contest so that I don’t have to decide on just one!

I agree there are a ton of benefits to having a professional work with you on your wedding!

You plan your wedding day for a year or more and yet the actual day goes by in a speeding blur, or so I’ve been told. As much as people say to make sure you take a second to soak it all in at the time, I feel like I am going to miss so many things throughout the magical day. This is where having a videography team there means so very much to us. We don’t want to miss a thing during our wedding, both ceremony and reception. We want to be able to experience the magic of that day over and over. What a blessing it will be to be able to show our children and grandchildren our wedding someday!! This is something that is an absolute must for us as a couple. We want to have this memory to relive for years and years to come. Having a top notch videography team means that those memories you are creating will always live on, and NST Pictures is that type of company! We really hope to be able to work with you!!

Love the editing of the video. Exactly the style i envisioned for my own wedding

I have always thought the most important part of a wedding besides food and drink is photos and video. To have a professional cut our wedding video would be such a dream come true.

Having a tight budget forces you to cut things out that aren’t 100% necessary for a wedding, and in our case, my fiance and I are putting a videographer at the end of our list. However, I am still fighting for one! My fiance definitely thinks it’s “cheesy,” but I certainly show him lots of videos to prove it’s not! Friends have had mixed reviews about hiring a videographer, but I can’t imagine not having these real moments captured. I’m on a quest to convince him it’s worth it, and hopefully I’ll end up getting what I want 🙂

I think that the concept of capturing not only the look of your wedding, but the feel, is important. It’s hard to think that in so many years you might look back on photos but have fuzzy memories concerning how you felt and how the whole day actually went. Having videography helps you to cherish every precious moment.

Was never a doubt in my mind to hire a videographer. Memories and being able to look back on the special day is a treasure to keep.

What a beautiful way to capture such a memorable day! Hiring a talented videographer, like NST, in whom you trust to portray the whirlwind of events that occur on your special day seems necessary, especially since it all goes by so quickly. I’d love to win the opportunity for NST to capture my fiance and I’s wedding day, so that we (and our families) can cherish it forever.

My mom has been telling me non-stop how important a wedding videographer is for your wedding and let’s face it…mom is ALWAYS right!!

She tells me how she wished she could look back and watch the best day of her life over again. It happens so fast and the details in your memory fade away as you get older. My parents have been married for 35 years and going strong!! Take advice from a couple who did something right and have one regret…not having the opportunity to film the event.

I’m in tears. Streaming. Ugly not allowed at the wedding tears.

I have had a love for video production since I was a teenager. Sitting at home learning how to use Sony Vegas on the weekends instead of being out with friends. I was hopelessly in love with romantic movie and tv show couples & even had a video on youtube with over a million views for my video ‘Missing You’ from The Notebook. I have fallen for your beautiful videography.

I knew from the moment we got engaged we would have a videographer. Whether that be someone I can find cheaply in the area of North Carolina to just film & piece them together myself on my old Sony Vegas or hoping to save up the money between now and May 20th 2017 when I want to get married.

You have managed to capture so many beautiful weddings perfectly. You took my breath away. I hope to be able to win the contest to capture our day. We got engaged on 10.15.15 & I’ve been dreaming about how this day will look and feel for so long. Now that I’m actually planning I realize just how much love, thought, and most importantly family will be apart of our day. Help me capture it!

Soon to be Mrs.Pritt <3

Victoria! Thank you so so so much for sharing your appreciation for our work, we are truly humbled. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

I think there is nothing more wonderful than having a mini-movie to share the tale of your day. Especially one so beautiful! It’s the most romantic thing.

I am getting married in June and actually enjoy planning for the wedding. I am looking forward to the big day and know that it will go by pretty fast. I have heard from many brides (those who had cinematography and those who opted out) and they have all advised that it all went by so fast and that most of what they remembered was being happy to be married and being tired from the day. All of them recommended cinematography so that I am able to relive the moments. I love to document special moments just to be able to get caught up in the details. This is why I agree with all who suggest hiring a professional videographer. I want to sit back after it’s all done and watch our story unfold. I would love to have a piece our history documented for our future children. I also think wedding cinematography is a great way to capture memories of the bride and groom’s family. Distance and responsibilities do not allow for frequent gatherings and unfortunately people eventually pass on from this life.

I am currently planning my wedding and although our parents are able to help where they can, we are still struggling to pay for the night of our dreams. The memories we are going to make that night will last a lifetime and I would love to capture it all on film. My dad passed away of cancer when I was 4 years old… Capturing the moment my mom walks me down the aisle, the first kiss with my then husband and much more will be things I would love to have forever.

Wow your wedding videos are absolutely stunning. I am planning my May 2016 wedding right now and had to give up on hiring a wedding photographer because we just don’t have the budget. So I am entering your wedding videography giveaway in hopes that you could capture our special moment on video forever!


I would love to have a videographer who would make sure that every special moment of this big day is captured!! Big personalities need a big video 🙂

I can’t imagine a better way to spend my future wedding anniversaries than by watching my wedding video. Everyone says your wedding day goes by so fast and it’s filled with so many emotions that it’s hard to catch every moment. A wedding video not only lets you relive that precious day, but it also allows you to see a totally different perspective of your wedding day. You can relive the laughs, hugs, and kisses that you didn’t get to fully embrace the day of the wedding. We also plan on writing our own vows. A video of those vows ensures that we’ll never forget the promises we made to one another.

This is the one thing that everyone says that they regretted if they didn’t use a videographer at their wedding! In some cases, I’d rather have the video than the photos! I want to be able to replay my favorite day when ever I feel like it! But currently, it’s not in our budget so I’m really trying to find a way to make it happen without a doubt!!!

From time to time my friends and I watch our Bat Mitzvah videos and have a good laugh while we reflect on such an important (and awkward) time in our lives. Cinematic journalism gives people the gift to have those fun nights on the couch years later and relive the laughs, tears and even awkward and silly moments in monumental life events. My fiance, family and I would love to have that chance-so please consider us for your NST Videography Package!!

Videography was something I had written off as a luxury expense for my wedding. At first I thought, if I have a photographer that should be enough to capture everything from that day and they would be there to last a lifetime. But after watching the video above i know that nothing can be further from the truth.

I’ve been told over and over again from fellow brides that one thing that they wished they did or were glad that they did was hire someone for video. The day goes by so much faster than you will realize, they told me and pictures are great but they only capture a single second, they dont provide the detailed memory of what was said or what happened before or after the moment in that image.

Now i can see how important having video to look back on can be especially during those tough moments in a marriage where you can pull out the film, look back and remember why you chose that person to spend the rest of your life, with.

We’ve always heard people’s biggest regret is not having a videographer. The opportunity to capture a moment in time with all the people we love most, and one day show our children, is one we can’t pass up.

Lilly, we certainly share the same outlook and hope for the opportunity to help you capture every sacred moment!

Videography at my wedding is very important to me because it captures true emotions and can be cherished for a lifetime!

I would like to capture every single grand moment of the wedding with a professional videographer!

Video is absolutely phenomenal in a wedding. I think my two favorite aspects of wedding videography is that you capture your vows and the iconic first dance. Plus, I’ve always loved when videographers go around and capture guests having fun–you miss those moments when you’re a bride! I’d like to think I won’t miss those but it’s bound to happen unfortunately—thus, the videographer!

I’d love to have a videographer capture those special moments for my wedding. On a teacher salary budget living in the Bay Area though, it’s difficult to budget for a videographer. I’m on the fence as well, for now 🙂

I want to be able to watch the video 10 years later when the details get blurry. I will be able to relive what will be one of the happiest days of my life. Also, it is something nice to watch with your future kids, grandkids, etc.

NST pictures, I am so happy I stumbled upon this giveaway, Your work is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a special and timeless gift!!

Initially, my fiancé and I did not budget for a video. It took many significant family members not being able to travel to our big day, incessant instagram stalking of bridal blogs, and one best friend’s amazing video to convince me that we made a dire mistake. Videos can capture pure emotions unlike still imagery. It’s the little moments that are bound to escape anyone’s memories over a lifetime that video can capture and remind you any time you need it. Photos have gotten my fiancé and I through deployments, but I think our wedding video will get us through the rough patches of life. It will be able to remind us the way we felt, the words we said, and the love we shared with our families that day.

Liz, it’s so great hearing about your appreciation for and understanding of the importance of filming your wedding! Hope to work with you and your fiancé soon, we would love to be a part of your special day!

We haven’t budgeted for a videographer but so many of my married friends and family have said that their biggest regret at their wedding was not hiring one. I have to try and find a way to allot some money for one and convince my fiance because I think it is so worth it! That video is beautiful!!

Hi Danielle, we do our best to provide affordable packages for all brides to enjoy. Take a peek at our amazing LITE & Basic Collections, priced at only $980 and $1980!

There is something so lovely about wedding videography; the sights and sounds combine to truly display the essence of the bride, groom, family members, and friends. As loved ones are beginning to age, I am beginning to realize how precious videos are when memorializing special moments. To watch someone break into a smile, to dance, to laugh- these are the times in life we do not want to forget! I look forward to watching my wedding video with my children and grandchildren in the years to come.

Wedding is a very special day in everyone’s life and only the wedding videos or films are eligible to capture all your wedding rituals in the most visually stunning way. So, I think a hiring a professional wedding videographer is a necessity. Without a good wedding videographer, you aren’t capable to get perfect and high-end wedding videos of your special day.

[…] Many couples look to wedding videography to resolve that worry. Wedding cinematography not only lets you revisit the important details that made your day yours, but it also lets you listen to your vows being spoken at the altar, hear the sweet speeches from your friends and family and sway to the beat of the music as you watch your first dance as a married couple. […]

[…] you would typically consider ordering meals for include your wedding planner, photographers, wedding videographers, DJ, band members and anyone else who will be working six or more hours during your wedding […]

[…] of the main reasons why people hire wedding videographers and photographers are to capture those wonderful elements and elevate them. There is an artistry […]



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