Why We’re Falling in Love With Fall Weddings

With the cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the falling leaves, the autumn months are practically made for weddings. But autumn weather, while much more cooler and bearable than those hot, sticky summer months, can be temperamental, meaning that it could go from sunny to rainy in a blink of an eye. There’s also Daylight Savings to take into consideration, because that could account for an early sunset, which could then affect the timing of your wedding ceremony and photos. But if you time it just right and work with your planner and vendors on a backup plan in case of unexpected changes in weather, you’ll be able to experience all the golden qualities of a fall wedding.

Below, we’re sharing four of our favorite fall weddings from our vast archives alongside some tips we’ve picked up from filming and talking to couples for over 5 years to help you plan your own perfect fall wedding.

Everyone talks about fall foliage… for good reason! The fiery red and warm orange hues set a natural breathtaking backdrop for everything from ceremony to portrait sessions without you having to spend any additional money! As seen in Lindsay and Christopher’s film above, golden autumn tones also lend a warm glow to your photos and video, enhancing the magic of golden hour and gorgeous sun leaks that peek out between the leaves so that you end up with dynamic photographs and a beautiful film.

Fall season offers some of the prettiest seasonal flowers for your wedding bouquet, ceremony arches, and table centerpieces. Calla lilies, dahlias, and gardenias are popular choices that complement well together while setting a dreamy and festive vibe, especially in autumn’s favorite colors like the burgundy and yellow from Brittany’s bouquet above.

Fall boasts some of the best temperate weather, making outdoor celebrations an attractive choice for couples. But with fall season comes limited daylight with earlier sunset times so you’ll want to make sure you discuss your timeline with your photographer and videographer to make sure they capture everything you want – like the gorgeous cocktail hour Allyson and Roberto hosted – before the sun goes down.

And with shorter daylight hours comes quickly plummeting temperatures, so take a leaf out of Abby and Bryan’s book and prepare for the chill with some shawls for your guests and/or bridal party.

Ready to have NST Pictures capture your fall celebration? Get in touch with one of our consultants today to go over our fully customizable packages and see if we’re a good fit with your wedding details!



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