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Happy Friday! During one of the recent fabulous events hosted by LoveStories TV, we had the luck of bumping into Megan from hitched with a hashtag, who – believe it or not – was a bride of ours! Now a wedding planner who also specializes in managing clients’ weddings across social media, Megan chatted with us briefly to divulge more about her newly launched business, so read on to see what she has to share!

1. What is hitched with a hashtag?

Here at hitched with a hashtag, we like to say that we bring the magic of your wedding day to your social media accounts, IRL. So, what does that actually mean? Just think of us as a social media wedding planner – handling everything social media for your wedding! We exist in the spaces in between your structured photo set and your candid moments, a unique and affordable addendum to your already packed wedding schedule. Our purpose is to provide stunning iPhone photos of you, your partner, and your loved ones—pre-packaged and purpose-built for your social timelines.

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2. What kind of client is the perfect fit with your company?

Is it cheesy if we say anyone getting married? ???? In all honesty, every couple we’ve spoken with has one thing in common: a desire for an easy way to share their wedding on their social media channels without relying on their wedding party and family to do so. We always say that bridesmaids already have a job and it’s not to be an Instagram photographer. Like it or not, weddings have become social events in more ways than one (Instagram photos or it didn’t happen!) and there’s often pressure to immediately share those photos. If you can eliminate the stress of assigning someone to have that job, then it’s an awesome add on to your big day.

With a social media wedding team like ours, we work with couples to ensure that their wedding hashtag is available leading up to and
displayed at your wedding, we also offer the option to be onsite on your big day. Couples can expect to have a Google Drive of phone-free photos in your inbox within 24 hours—and instantaneous uploads to your Instagram profile. Couples are then able to share
near-real-time snapshots of the day on their social feeds—tiding over family, friends, and those who couldn’t make it on the day itself—until the formal photos arrive a couple weeks later, of course.

3. Tell us about your background and where did you got this awesome idea!

I am newlywed myself having gotten married in March of this year. I loved planning my wedding but even with six plus years of social media marketing experience as my day job, I was a bit at a loss as to how to extend my wedding experience to social media. We asked a friend of ours, someone who wasn’t in the wedding party but was attending all of the ancillary events, if he wouldn’t mind taking iPhone photos of the day and night. I can’t tell you what a treat it was to get that Google Drive of photos literally the next day. He captured our first look, my bridesmaids and I laughing moments before I walked down the aisle, my laughing with my – all of it. I couldn’t believe that this wasn’t something wedding planners offered, so I decided I could be that “maid of social” for other brides on their big day. I truly love our professional wedding photos, but there are several of the iPhone photos that I will cherish forever.

4. We saw that you include Snapchat geofilters in some of your packages—Tell us more!

One of the things we love most about Snapchat is its customized geofilters option. Forget the clunky and expensive photo booth – we recommend having us design a customer geofilter for your friends and family to snap with during your reception. This is when we encourage couples to get creative with the social add-ons for their wedding! Who doesn’t want to see if Aunt Susan can get a Snap using the custom filter? We can even save the photos used and provide them post-wedding for the couple to share with friends and family.

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5. Do you do offer any other services?

Every couple is different and will want different things – this is why our offerings are so flexible. We’ve worked with couples that just need help brainstorming a unique hashtag (that five other couples haven’t used before!), others that want us to partner with their photographer and other vendors to cross promote their photos across Instagram, and even some that want us to help submit their weddings to magazines. We’ve even recently helped couples design signs to display their wedding hashtags and the sky’s the limit!

We love being able to help couples de-stress by taking on the social media aspect of their wedding day. We encourage brides to let their friends and family be truly present on her wedding day (phones away, eyes on the bride!) and we’ll be there capturing the moment for them to relive for the rest of their lives – and while they’re waiting at the airport en route to their killer honeymoon!

Follow @hitchedwithahashtag on Instagram now to see their work in action!



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