Final Steps With Your Videographer Before Your Wedding Day

You’ve secured NST Pictures as your wedding videographer, and now your wedding is just around the corner! Take a deep breath and do some yoga, but get excited! Here are the final steps you can expect to take with your wedding videographer leading up to your wedding.

Final Steps With Your Videographer 3

Wedding Day Schedule/Cinematographer’s Dossier

Look out for this online questionnaire from us! You’ll be receiving a link via email, but you’ll also be able to access this easily in your Client Portal. This will include the day-of schedule, complete with important details such as start time and all locations, so it’s extremely important that you fill this out. It will be your cinematographer’s detailed dossier and guide so that he can be sure to capture all the moments you want immortalized forever in your film!

Editor’s Questionnaire (optional)

This is another online questionnaire we will be sending you. You’ll be receiving a link via email, but you’ll also be able to access this easily in your Client Portal. We request that you complete this questionnaire two weeks before your wedding day so that our editors can be ready to move forward with editing your film as soon as we have your footage from the cinematographer. This is an optional questionnaire, so if it’s not filled out, the editor will use his or her trained artistic eye to make the best decisions for your film.

Final Steps With Your Videographer 2

Cinematographer Call

In our experience, the week before the wedding is the best time to confirm all the details because that’s when all of your plans have been finalized and all information is the most accurate, so look out for a call from your cinematographer the Monday before your wedding!

Final Steps With Your Videographer 5

Final Payment

Lastly, remember that your final payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding day, which you can easily take care of by logging into your Client Portal, as shown below.

Final Steps With Videographer 1

And that’s it! While you move on to to tie up other loose ends before your wedding, rest assured that all those months of planning will be immortalized artistically in a beautiful wedding film by NST Pictures, like the one below! See you on your big day, and we’ll talk again after your wedding!

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