How to Secure NST Pictures for Your Wedding

You’ve done your research, chatted with one of our consultants, and now you’ve received the e-contract for your wedding videography package. Take a deep breath and get excited, because it’s now time to officially seal the deal!

Step 1: In your follow up email from your consultant after your phone call, you’ll see a link to your proposal. Click on the link to view your proposal and contract.

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Step 2: You’ll find yourself on the proposal portal! Review the price breakdown, then scroll down and hit “Select” if everything looks as expected.

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*Note: We want you to be sure of your decision and be happy with it, so your proposal will remain active for up to one week. But don’t worry – during this time, your wedding date/time will be reserved for you! After the expiration date, you will need to contact your consultant again to re-activate the proposal.*

Step 3: Next, you can select optional add-ons to your package. You can always come back at a later time to add selections if you change your mind. Once you’re done selecting (or want to skip any add-ons), scroll all the way down and hit “Continue!”

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Step 4: Fill out the information as prompted. Don’t forget to scroll down and fill in details of your wedding venue! Done? Hit “Continue!”

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Step 5: Now comes the fun part – your e-contract! Read through it, and you’ll be able to electronically sign at the very bottom of the page. Hit “Sign Contract” when you’re ready!

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Step 6: You’ll be taken to the payment portal where you can make your non-refundable 40% deposit. The remaining 60% of your payment will be due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Now you can do your happy dance, because you have officially booked NST Pictures as your wedding videographer! Three cheers, HOORAY!

You will also have access to your Client Portal, as shown below, where you can view and update your information and questionnaires as necessary, as well as look back at your contract, keep track of invoices, and contact us if any issues arise.

Book1 - How to Secure NST Pictures for Your Wedding

Congratulations, you can now check us off your wedding planning to-do list! We won’t be bothering you until the final steps leading up to your wedding as we gather some finalized information about you, so until then, while you move onto the other duties on your to-do list, why not browse through our gallery for some wedding inspiration?



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