Hosting a Wedding at Home? Cover These 6 Points

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Your wedding will be a personal, intimate day. It should happen where you feel most comfortable, which might be right at home. 

Host the ultimate wedding at home by checking out these tips. You’ll cover the most important details immediately and stress less in the weeks leading up to your ceremony.

1. Rent a Tent for your Wedding at Home

Renting a tent is always a good idea, whether your wedding will happen indoors or outdoors. Your guests will need shade while hanging out in your backyard and shelter if a rainshower passes over the area.

Weather is the most tricky thing to plan for when you’re putting a wedding together. You could wait until the day before to set up your tent or not, based on a local weather forecast. If you need help with last-minute anxiety, try using the latest tech like Google’s AI weather forecasting software. Input any location worldwide and it will generate a 10-day forecast based on the latest predictions and over 40 years of data.

In the meantime, don’t forget to plan some tent decor. It could hold your dreamy string lights and become a place to hang bug-repelling devices. It will also be mobile, so you can pull it against your porch or house if it rains. They’re easy to fold before transporting, too. You shouldn’t have any trouble returning it.

2. Plan for Parking your Backyard Wedding

Unless your guest list has three or four people, your wedding may result in too many cars for your driveway to hold. Look for optimal parking spaces around your home, like in your yard or down the street.

Contact your neighbors if you’re inviting a bigger group of people. Ask if you could rent their driveways for the night. People already do it through rental apps to make some extra cash. You never know — they might be nice enough to let your guests use their driveways for free.

While thinking about parking, check for town ordinances about where cars can park and when. There might be curfews regarding how late people can park on the street. You wouldn’t want your guests to be ticketed.

3. Create an Indoor Gathering Space for your At-Home Wedding

Your yard might be a lovely space perfect for your wedding, but people will want to head indoors eventually for the air conditioning or heating. Create a central gathering space like your living room since people already recognize it as a hangout spot.

You could add a few folding chairs and keep background music on a speaker. Decor like potted plants would even double as keepsakes that last in your home long after your reception ends.

Remember essential safety tips when crowds gather indoors. Ensure there’s continual airflow by not blocking floor or ceiling vents. You’ll also reduce your fire risk by keeping flammable objects at least three feet away from your fireplace. Accidents can happen when people bump around each other in a crowded, enclosed space.

4. Research Potential Permits for having a Wedding At Home

City laws sometimes require permits for house parties. It depends on your local laws and the specific number of people they allow. Contact your township’s office at least a few weeks before your wedding to discuss potential permits. You’ll have enough time to file the paperwork if you discover the need for one.

The conversation with a city official will also give you an opportunity to ask about noise ordinances, which require people to minimize the noise they make during specified quiet hours. Your neighborhood may have one if residents have had issues with each other. You might also have neighbors who prefer going to sleep early.

5. Prepare Your Space Early for your At-Home Wedding

Extra time is one of the biggest advantages of having your wedding at home. You won’t have a limited time frame to bring your decor to a venue and move everything back home. Set things up as early as you’d like. You’ll get to play around with decor placement and even experiment with various spots for your ceremony.

You might have more space than you expected. If that’s the case, get more creative with your planning process. You could add a game or two for your guests by painting wine bottles and creating a ring-toss area in your yard. Set up a photo booth with a DIY backdrop or a play area for kids with bubble wands or playdough.

6. Point Out Hotels Close to your Home

Traditional wedding venues open their doors near hotels, airports and local attractions. Unfortunately, a contractor’s team didn’t build your home with the same considerations.

Research local hotels and send a list to your guests. They should know which are closest to your home and how much they cost per room. Don’t forget to mention the fun amenities included in each of your selected properties. Your guests may prefer one over the other when browsing amenities like helicopter rides across town, free iPads and included luxury car rentals for their room fee.

Enjoy Hosting Your At-Home Wedding

You’ll have an incredible wedding at home by keeping these tips in mind. When you’ve inquired about permits, given your guests lodging options and created a safe space for everyone to have fun, your big day will turn into an incredible memory.

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