How to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Colorful

We all want our wedding to be as perfect as possible. From the design of the cake to the playlist, we all hope for a wedding that will be an unforgettable memory. One thing that can make your wedding extra memorable is the use of color. While we all have our designated wedding color combinations for the big day, why not dare to be bold and add in extra color at every opportunity possible? Here are some ways to make your wedding a colorful celebration your guests will never forget.

Change Up the Dress

It’s no surprise that a majority of wedding dresses we see are white. But if you’re not strongly traditional or just want to do something unique, go for the bold choice of wearing a non-white dress for the big day! Pink, yellow, black, silver; the options are endless and will be sure to make a huge statement at the wedding!

Try Something Different with Your Hair

Every bride wants her hair to look as perfect as possible for the big day. With whatever hair color and hairstyle you choose, your look for the big day is the perfect gateway into including more color into your wedding. You can choose to include different colored pieces into your hair such as feathers, add in colorful floral pieces, or include multi-colored barrettes. If you’ve always been a fan of dying your hair fun colors, do it up for the big day and dye your hair a bright and bold color with a hair dye like this. Adding color in your hair won’t only make your wedding photos stand out but it will be a unique experience for both your partner and guests.

Have Colorful Cocktails

As many couples decide to put together a signature drink for the big day, use the opportunity to craft a delicious yet colorful drink for your guests to enjoy! This can be with a delicious take on a red sangria, a yummy blood orange margarita or a traditional cosmopolitan. If your signature drink is going to be a classic such as a gin & tonic or vodka soda, spice up each drink with a garnish or piece of fruit to add in extra color.

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Have a Colorful Photoshoot Backdrop

As weddings are the perfect place for a great photo op, adding a photo backdrop that is both colorful and fun will be a great crowd-pleaser for the night. Your backdrop can be with a bright floral print, can have colorful string lights or can just be a bright and vivid hue. If you really want to make it extra memorable for your guests, also include fun, colorful props for your guests to use. Inclusion of a colorful backdrop and props will be sure to make your wedding a night to remember!

Want to see more ideas on incorporating fun colors into your wedding? Take a look at our library of films here!



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