Wedding Color Combos to Make Your Photos and Video Pop

Nailing down wedding colors can, without a doubt, be one of the trickiest tasks on the wedding to-do list, but it’s also one of the most important tasks because the colors you choose will have a definite impact on your wedding photos and videos. To help get you started, here are some trending wedding color combinations that will make your photos and video pop!

Nature-Inspired – Green + Ivory + Silver

Go for soothing, earthy tones with an unexpected twist by combining shades of green with silver accents and ivory blooms that will add dimension to your overall décor. These colors are also helpful to couples who are on a tighter budget since they can use the natural beauty of an outdoor locale to make the theme work.

Sunset Vibe – Coral + Purple+ Yellow+ Cranberry

Combine saturated colors to add depth and a natural warm atmosphere. If you opt for a more traditional or modern look, use jewel tones and add some clean lines for a cheerful brilliant bohemian palette.

Soft and Vintage – Gold + Navy + Dogwood

These unexpected wedding colors will give a dreamy and calm feeling that will add a soft light to your day. The neutral blue hues will balance out the lighter shades of pink while the gold adds an old-world look. These wedding colors will give your wedding an instant ethereal and vintage vibe.

Vibrant Boho – Emerald + Lavender + Lapis Blue

This vibrant color palette is perfect for couples who would love to see unexpected colors with a twist of 90’s
whimsy. Try pairing these hues with crystals, flowers, and geodes to give a more organic, eclectic and layered feel.

85123 modern boho glam wedding ideas - Wedding Color Combos to Make Your Photos and Video Pop

(photo: Wedding Chicks)

Sophisticated look – Navy + Sage + Apricot + Greige

This wedding color scheme will give your big day a relaxed yet sophisticated look. If you have a penchant for a more subdued fall palette, use organic pops of sage and apricot in the form of fruits, flowers, and greeneries in the centerpieces.

Playful Vibe – Magenta + Pink + Coral + Mint

Want to give your wedding a whimsical and playful touch? These wedding colors will instantly bring feminine graphics, unique floral and playful elements to life.

Elegant and Monochromatic – Niagara + Lapis + Island Paradise + Red Plum

Using shades of blue along with some burgundy accents will create a moody yet elegant vibe.

custom rustic weddingations picture design navy blue suite personalized marsala 1107x848 - Wedding Color Combos to Make Your Photos and Video Pop

(photo: kylieandpatrick)

Modern Look – Copper + Island Paradise + Hazelnut + Lapis

This is for the couple who wants a minimal yet modern vibe. Keep hazelnut and copper in the forefront with a touch of blue and some bold strokes of lapis or bright navy.

Cheery Feeling – Burgundy + Flame + Greenery + Dogwood

The understated dogwood and subdued burgundy are perfectly balanced with bright pops of flame and greenery, making the mood of your wedding extra fun and cheery. These wedding colors also work in a variety of seasons and venues but look especially fitting for a fall celebration!

Want to see more examples of how real-life couples introduced beautiful color combinations into their wedding venue to reflect their own personal aesthetics and style? Check out the portfolio here, and if you have any questions at all, reach out to one of our consultants today!



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