How to Post Your Wedding Trailer on Instagram

If it’s not on Instagram, then did it really happen? Unlike Facebook, Instagram unfortunately only allows video clips up to 1-minute. Here, we help you navigate through that so you can share your wedding video on Instagram!


Step 1: First you’ll need to download your trailer film onto your computer. For tips on how to do that, please check this post! Once that’s done, let’s move on to Step 2! (Note: if you can download your film directly onto your phone, you can skip Step 2!)

saving your wedding video on your computer

Step 2: Transfer your trailer film from your computer to your phone. We find that Dropbox or Google Drive is the best way to transfer files between computer and phone.

Wedding Videography Advice 1

Step 3: Once the video is saved onto your phone, open up Instagram

upload to Instagram


Step 4: Tap on the middle icon at the very bottom to add a new post.

upload to Instagram


Step 5: Find your video file in the gallery, and select it, and press “Next” button!

Wedding Videography Advice 4


Step 6: Press the “Trim” button. This is where you’ll select your favorite part of the film to share on Instagram.

Wedding Videography Advice 11


Step 7: You have the option of trimming the clip anywhere from 10 seconds long to a full minute long, so adjust the time slider bar based on your timing preferences and clip section. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Next” button on the top right corner (skip to Step 9), or press “Cover” on the lower right corner to select your cover image!

Wedding Videography Advice 10


Step 8: Use the slider at the bottom to select your video cover image, also known as your freeze frame. Once you’re satisfied, press the “Next” button.

Wedding Videography Advice 7


Step 9: Write your caption! If you want to simultaneously share to your other social media platforms, select your choices in the “Share” section below the caption box. Once you’re done, press the blue “Share” button at the top right corner! Voila!

Wedding Videography Advice 8

Great! Now that your trailer film is on Instagram, you can easily share it with family and friends! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@nstpictures) with #loveonreplay – we’d love to see it and share it!!

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