Meet the Team – Lindsay Quinn

From the first time you watch an NST Pictures wedding film to the day you receive your final products, the dedicated team at NST is working hard to make every step of your journey into marital bliss easy and fun! Get to know the passionate people who are helping to make your dreams come true.

Lindsay Quinn

U.S. Marketing Director

Lindsay Quinn - Meet the Team - Lindsay Quinn

Photo by Dani White Photography

How did you make your way to working at NST Pictures?

I moved to New York City after graduating with a degree in advertising and marketing from Kent State University. I was determined to use my skills for good by only working for companies and products that enrich people’s lives. I started with a focus in the travel industry and eventually made my way to the wedding world. I joined NST in the middle of our first year in the US and have been honored to help us evolve into the amazing company we are today!

Why did you choose the wedding industry?

I have always been a writer and when I got engaged, I started learning so much about how to plan a wedding and how the industry works. I immediately wanted to write about it to share my experience with others who might be facing the same challenges and exciting moments. Once I started working for NST Pictures, I saw the wedding vendors‘ perspective and have really enjoyed bridging the gap for both sides.

What do you like about working at NST Pictures?

I really love being a part of the management team at NST. Not only do I enjoy my day-to-day responsibilities, but it’s also amazing to be able to work alongside Jennifer and Daniella! They are so passionate about what they do and are talented leaders inside the office as well as in the wedding industry. It’s been a long road since we started with the company and I have really enjoyed learning from them and collaborating with them every step of the way. I’m lucky to call them my colleagues and my friends!

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What is your favorite part of your job as NST’s Marketing Director?

I have become weirdly obsessed with metrics and reports. It’s fascinating to me to see that 22% of our couples never wanted a wedding video and 22% weren’t sure if they wanted a wedding film. They decided to hire us as anyway and now 100% of both groups say they wouldn’t trade their film for the world. It’s my job to convince people that their wedding video will be priceless in 10 years (which I truly believe and have proven with my own wedding video) so it’s really rewarding to get feedback like that.

You’ve watched hundreds of weddings (literally!) so what wedding videography advice do you have for couples?

Hire a wedding videographer. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you’re spending on your wedding. It doesn’t matter how sentimental you are or how many times you think you’re going to watch it. Even if you have to get the smallest wedding video package, just do it.

The more time that passes since my wedding, the more valuable my wedding video is to my family and me. Our wedding day still ranks up there with one of the best days of our lives and to be able to go back, in a way that is far more powerful, emotional and thrilling than still pictures, has become priceless. We’re already looking older…

Outside of NST, what artistic passions do you pursue?

I love making things with my hands. I recently up-cycled an old stroller by freehand sewing a new black and white mud cloth cover for the seat. My latest thing has been taking old Hawaiian shirts and turning them into cute crop tops. I’ve also been creating an ombre jewel mosaic on my bike and painted my garage fridge hot pink with gold glitter. I love to sing, take ballet classes and have been exploring gardening and interior design. I love it all!

You’re more than just a wedding expert though, so to get to know you better, tell us about your ideal day off of work!

I absolutely LOVE traveling, but now that I have a son, it’s been put on the back burner, so I supposed I’d say it would be a full day at the beach: sun is shining, salty hair, holding my husband’s hand and sipping a margarita while my little guy plays in the surf. <3

Lindsay Quinn 2 - Meet the Team - Lindsay Quinn

Photo by Dani White Photography

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