6 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before You Hire Them

Before you hire a videographer there are a few questions you need to answer. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and you do not want to ruin it by hiring a videographer that doesn’t produce what you’re looking for. A wedding video is the best way to capture these special moments so make sure that you ask the videographer the following questions and are satisfied with the answers you receive.


1. What is the videographer’s style?

There are many ways to shoot a wedding video, which is why it is important that you fully understand your videographer’s style of editing. The best way to do this is by watching at least three films from each videographer’s portfolio. Think about the film itself and not the subject (the people in the video). Do they use vintage camera styles like Super 8? Do they use audio from the vows or speeches or is it music only? Are the films short highlights or all long-form?

Side note: If you’re considering us at NST Pictures, you can read about our classic, cinematic wedding video style here or watch a few of our wedding films here.

2. Is the videographer experienced?

Ask the videographer about their past weddings and the films they have created. How many years have they been in business? The number of years they have been in business will affect the price.

Do your research if you want to hire someone who is starting a new business. Even though they will be less expensive, there is more of a risk that they may make a mistake or miss a shot because your wedding day is a live event. For example, if they are adjusting the lens during your first kiss, you may not have clear footage and once the moment has passed, it’s gone. All videographers need to start somewhere, but just be aware of the risk you’re taking.

3. How much will the videographer work with you?

Even though a wedding is a personal affair, this is a business relationship. You’re looking to hire a professional wedding videographer–not a best friend. Keep that in the front of your mind.

What we mean with this one is how flexible is the videographer with their art form? Do they let clients choose their own music if they want? Do they change the focus of the film based on your preference to hear the ceremony and vows over another client’s preference to let speeches move the film? If you don’t like their first edit, do they take suggestions so the final film ends up being what you really want? If so, do you have to pay extra for those edits?


4. Is the videography crew shooting any other wedding besides yours on that very day?

Some videographers try to make more money by committing to two weddings on a single day. This can be disastrous for both as they will be in a hurry to make it to the other wedding and may potentially ruin your wedding video in the process. If your videographer does two or more weddings a day, make sure they have multiple crews to avoid this issue.


5. What equipment will they use?

If you’re not a videographer, knowing the exact make and models of equipment will not make a difference. However, having a basic understanding of what equipment they use, based on what’s included the package you’re considering (like this breakdown) will give you a better understanding of why the videographer charges what they do and how it will affect your wedding video.

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6. How much do they charge? Do they offer packages?

A value cannot be placed on the importance of your wedding day film but it is still essential that you know that you can afford a particular videographer.

A general rule of thumb is “you get what you pay for.” The more experience a videographer has, the better their equipment, the more movie-like their films are and the more dynamic your video is (like including the latest trend–aerial drone in wedding videos!), the bigger the price tag.

Just be sure you don’t ruin your wedding video by hiring someone who is inexperienced but cheap to shoot your big day. You only get one opportunity to film this day and you’re going to be watching the video for the rest of your life, so consider it an investment in your family history!

When you choose NST Pictures, we answer all of your queries and remove all doubts. In fact, you won’t even have to ask us these questions because we will connect with you via phone, Skype or FaceTime and discuss everything. To get started, get wedding video prices here.



Thanks for these wonderful info provided by you its very helpful to beginners as well as for professional or even to those that are planning to hire a videographer.

My fiance is adamant about having a videographer document our wedding. She wants to make sure we can have a video to watch so we can remember the day forever. I like the idea too, but we have had a hard time finding the right videographer. I like that you mentioned to make sure the potential videographer is committed to your wedding only on the date, so that they aren’t rushed and distracted. Thanks for the tips!

Nice. Really Appreciable. The post contains the necessary information that one should definitely need to know before hiring a wedding videographer for their special day. So, thank you for these wonderful points.

Selection of right wedding videographer or photographer is essential because each and every couple wants the beautiful photos and videos of their special day and this is only possible when they have the right videographer or photographer on their life’s big day. The above-mentioned questions are essential to ask for a videographer or photographer before making any kind of choice as the wedding has no retake. Your post help visitors to easily select the right videographer or the photographer.
Thanks, for this wonderful post.

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