Meet Kathi Littwin Photography!

Happy Friday! Today we’re introducing another amazingly talented industry partner whom we highly recommend. Meet Kathi Littwin Photography! Based out of Brooklyn, Kathi is an internationally recognized fine-art photographer and artist who excels at capturing style, emotions, and details through a series of visual narratives composed of primarily candids. We recently got to chat a little with Kathi about her work, so read on to see what she has to say!

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1. What inspired you to go into wedding photography?

I had been working as a freelance photo assistant for commercial photographers, trying out different specialties, when I had a lightbulb moment assisting a wedding photographer. It was fast-paced, creative and hit a lot of the themes I enjoyed shooting: people, action, food, flowers, elegant spaces. What held it all together was the storytelling that came as the result of a day’s work. I was hooked.

2. What do you look forward to the most at every wedding?

Getting in the zone. I love to feel out where I’m at and let it speak to me. I want to find the heart of the day. Except for the formal posed group shots that are essential, I don’t work with a formula. I want to react and capture, not preconceive and impose.

3. What do you do to understand a couple’s vision and bring it to life in the photos?

It’s mostly from conversations before. I get an idea of what they see as special and what’s important. And I also love being fresh to the scene. I love the style and the details but the images and the day are really about the people. I want to see the joy and fun in their faces and to create a document of the day that would make you feel included even if you weren’t there. There has to be a connection with me and my couples. They see in my work something that they don’t see elsewhere and then we share the experience.

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4. What advice do you have for couples in their search for a wedding photographer?

Really look at the work, and look at as much as you can. There are so many more style differences than ever. Try to describe in words why you like an image or portfolio and let that guide you. Some shooters come from a fashion background, or photojournalism. Some are more traditional. Others have a very light and airy feel or a dramatic darker component. Do you see yourself in their shots? Does it feel like you?

5. What would you say has been your favorite part of being a wedding photographer?

Sorry but it’s a big cliche: I get paid doing what I love……and I meet some wonderful people while doing it.

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We recently collaborated with Kathi Littwin Photography on the fabulous Dolce & Gabbana Sicily-Inspired Styled Shoot, which was featured on Loverly and DuJour Media! Check out the film below, and head over to Loverly for more photos!.

In search of a wedding photographer in the New York area to capture all the beautiful little moments on your big day? Kathi Littwin Photography just might be the perfect photographer you’re looking for! Take a look at her links for more information: WebsiteFacebook | Contact

Photos courtesy of Kathi Littwin Photography.


Kathi Littwin is everything and more that a couple desires and searches for their wedding day. I hired Kathi for my daughter’s wedding in Venice, Italy (September 16, 2007). She was amazing… I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is an amazing person to have the privilege to know!!! P.S. The contact does not allow me to enter ‘Mother of the Bride’ (I choose other) or the person who hired Kathi. Michelle Dufour

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