Meet the Team – Darisa Marte

From the first time you watch an NST Pictures wedding film to the day you receive your final products, the dedicated team at NST is working hard to make every step of your journey into marital bliss easy and fun! Get to know the passionate people who are helping to make your dreams come true.

Darisa Marte

Lead Editor

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How did you make your way to working at NST Pictures?

After graduating with a degree in Film and TV Production from William Paterson University and experiencing working various roles, mainly on independent films, I started pursuing wedding photography as a new hobby and started taking a interest in a new career path in the wedding industry. I thought NST was such a great opportunity since it combines creative and cinematic storytelling which were both things that I wanted to a part of.

Why did you choose the wedding industry?

I’ve always had an affinity for all things beautiful and feminine, and weddings are the epitome of those things.

What do you like about working at NST Pictures?

I enjoy working with a strong and talented team of women who work diligently together. It’s a lot of fun when we get to collaborate and produce original artistic projects.

What is your favorite part of your job as NST’s Lead Editor?

Being a fashion lover, my favorite part has to be viewing what wedding dresses the brides are wearing and how they style their complete look. I especially love how so many brides are thinking outside the norm with their wedding gowns too!

You’ve edited hundreds of wedding films (literally!) so what wedding videography advice do you have for couples?

Definitely set aside some time alone with your wedding videographers for a video session. In film we want more natural movement between couples since wedding photographers are taking photographs that tend to be more posed and still. Both the photographer and videographer are equally as important for capturing your special day.

Outside of NST, what other artistic passions do you pursue?

I love photography and editing videos outside of the wedding industry. Some other hobbies I enjoy include makeup, vintage shopping and interior decorating.

You’re more than just a wedding expert though, so to get to know you better, tell us about your ideal day off of work!

It can vary, but my ideal day off work would either include cuddling with my dog Bella and collecting her kisses, relaxing at the beach or enjoying a day of riding roller coasters at Six Flags-Great Adventure with friends!

Have you met Tina, one of our wedding consultants and the rest of our headquarters team?

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