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Happy Friday! We’re so excited to introduce and recommend our amazing industry friend, Michelle from Michelle Elaine Weddings, a boutique wedding-planning company based in New York. Specializing in event production and design, Michelle approaches each wedding with a brilliant eye for personalized style catered to each client’s vision and budget. We recently had the opportunity to chat a little with Michelle and gain some insight into her world, so read on to see what she has to share!

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1. What inspired your decision to go into wedding planning?

If we are being honest here, I got into events and wedding planning completely by accident! I moved to the city to study fashion and pursue my dream career of working for some world renowned designer. When those dreams meant I was going to not make any money I moved into catering only briefly so that I could pay rent and be able to eat! I had every intention to go back into the fashion world but all of the brides I had worked with during my short catering career said I was destined to be a wedding planner. I always wanted my own business so I gave it a shot and here I am 5 years later!

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2. What is your favorite part of the planning process?

Being able to take your client’s vision and bring it to life! There are SO many pieces of the wedding planning puzzle and when you see it all just fall into place on the wedding day you can just go ahead and pat your little self on the back! There is no true joy in life than when I work my butt off and literally the wedding day & design is just perfection and my brides are crying from happiness, just overjoyed and thanking me for making it all possible! THAT, my friends, is why I cry, sweat and bleed for this business!

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3. What do you do to understand a couple’s vision and bring it to life?

Honestly, with the world of technology, we create a board on Pinterest and have them share ALL sorts of inspiration that they love. I then create an inspiration board from that, completely separate from Pinterest with just their focused vision and then tweak from there as we go through the steps of stationery & calligraphy design and florals, rentals, etc.

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4. What advice do you have for couples in the initial stages of wedding planning?

Hire a wedding planner!!! Ha-ha, no but seriously, do your research! That goes with ALL vendors! Be sure you know exactly what you are paying for, ask as many questions as possible and be smart! Also, have some fun! As an experienced bride now myself I see how difficult it actually is to juggle many family opinions, so just try to enjoy the process as much as possible!

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5. What’s the number one reason you suggest couples hire a wedding planner?

Do I have to only give 1?! There are a TON of reasons why you should hire a planner: someone who can properly guide you through the process, someone who has vendors they have worked with and trust so you know you will be hiring reputable people, someone to help you with etiquette, someone to take your crazy Pinterest board and organize your thoughts into one cohesive wedding design, someone who can stay on top of you with deadlines to ensure your invitations actually go out before your RSVP date… the list goes on! There are a ton of reason why you should hire a planner but the basic reason is because we as planners have a ton of experience in the industry and we can save you time and money!!! Just know who you are hiring and do your homework! So many brides choose to go with another planner because they are “cost friendly.” Well, my dear, there is a little saying “You get what you pay for…” KNOW who you are hiring, KNOW where to invest and be SMART!

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Not only were we humbled to have shared mutual clients with Michelle, but we also had the tremendous honor of creating the trailer film for her own gorgeously designed wedding right here in New York City!

Looking for someone experienced, talented, and charming like Michelle from Michelle Elaine Weddings to help plan your big day? Head on over to find more information: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram



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