Meet Parenthesis Photography!

We’ve known Kathleen of Parenthesis Photography for a while now and have worked together on several weddings, with the most recent in Connecticut last month, so we’re so happy to have her join us this week on our blog!

As a documentary wedding photographer, Kathleen focuses on the Hudson Valley/NYC/NJ/CT regions with some international traveling for work. “Every wedding and every couple is original, and my focus is always on capturing what makes your relationship, your family and friends, and your wedding day special,” she says. “The photos I create for couples aren’t the typical “wedding-y” photos–they’re focused on the atmosphere and unique beauty of your day.”

Like what we strive to do with our wedding films, Kathleen captures all the in-between moments: the candid laughter, the perfect imperfect milliseconds, the genuine flash of surprises, and more. Full of emotion, movement, and life, Kathleen pushes Parenthesis Photography to always strike that balance of getting amazing photos for clients while still letting them enjoy their day comfortably and to the fullest.

Read on for more!

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What do you do to understand a couple’s vision and bring it to life?

The first thing I do with every couple is hop on the phone with them so we can get to know each other a little and so I can start to understand what they’re hoping for in terms of their wedding and photography. A lot of my couples say they really just want their wedding to be like a big, fun party, and they want the photos to capture their love and the love between themselves and their guests. Knowing that going into a wedding means that we’re going to be a good fit! I also send out a questionnaire to each of my couples a few months before the wedding to get important details, parts of they day they’re looking forward to most, and anything else that might be good for me to know.

What is your favorite wedding film?

The Wedding Singer! I still quote it all the time.

Favorite candy?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Best “something blue” you’ve ever seen?

One of my brides had some pretty badass blue shoes

Why do you love what you do?

It’s awesome to be invited into a couple’s life for such an emotional, whirlwind day. I love thinking creatively and trying to be the best possible photographer I can be in every way for a couple. Little hilarious moments like kids being ridiculous or moms and dads being really cute while dancing together are my favorite types of moments to focus on. Looking beyond just the “basic” things and really capturing the atmosphere and personality quirks of the people present. I also actually really love editing and seeing everything come together after the wedding is over. And of course just knowing that these photos will bring people a lot of happiness over the years is pretty amazing.

What wedding tradition should be brought back?

80s dresses with huge puffed shoulders

What three words describe you personally?

Spicy Italian lady, Curious, Creative

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What’s one thing in your closet you can’t live without?

If I’m being honest, my big pink bathrobe that I’ve had since I was 12. My husband says he hates it but I think he secretly loves it.

You can bring three things to a desert island where you’ll be living the rest of your life. What are they?

Assuming I have food, water and shelter… 1. notebooks and pens to write with 2. my graphic novel collection 3. my pink bathrobe

Favorite color?

Marigold orange

What is your go-to drink of choice?

Probably earl grey tea with milk. I also have a weird love of birch beer.

What is the biggest misconception about vendors in your category and/or what you do?

That we all are into taking really cheesy photos or making you pose all day! Wedding photography has changed a lot in that way and there really is pretty much something for everyone now. There are photographers who will shoot very traditionally, and those who will shoot in a very artistic or candid way. On top of that you also have different shooting and editing styles, with some photographers leaning toward a “moodier” style and some very clean and bright. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just about what’s right for you.

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Follow Parenthesis Photography on Instagram to see more of Kathleen’s work.



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