Photo Books: Best 5 Tips To Perfect And Personalize Your Wedding Photo Album

The day that you tie the knot with your beloved is a special and meaningful occasion that deserves to be captured in beautiful timeless photographs that you can cherish and treasure. To preserve this wonderful memory, couples select their favorite photos to feature in the pages of luxury wedding photo albums.

The photos that you chose to proudly display in your wedding photo albums should perfectly encapsulate the magic and romance of the moment. To bring these stunning images to life, and to create an unforgettable wedding day memory, there are a number of practical and creative tips that you can use to personalize your wedding photo album content.

1. Tell Your Love Story

Your wedding day is the most special and magical day of the year, and the culmination of a great deal of planning. It’s also the highlight of your unique love story.

love story - Photo Books: Best 5 Tips To Perfect And Personalize Your Wedding Photo Album

In the pages of your wedding photo albums you can tell the enchanting tale of romance, from the pre-wedding prep to the wedding vows ceremony, and the reception to your honeymoon departure. Pick your favorite photos and arrange them chronologically so that browsers can easily follow the romantic story. You can also split the photographs into sections – ceremony, reception dinner, speeches and evening party, and so on.

Due to the vast number of photographs taken throughout the entire day, it’s common for couples to have multiple wedding photo albums. Your absolute favorite wedding photos should, of course, feature in your primary wedding photo album, and be complemented with additional photo books that are filled with an assortment of intimate, fun, formal and informal shots.

2. Pay Attention To The Details

It’s the finer details that are often overlooked that really make a difference when creating a perfect personalized wedding photo album. An experienced professional photographer knows how to capture intimate moments, and can focus on elements of your surroundings that give your images added ambience and poignancy.

wedding details - Photo Books: Best 5 Tips To Perfect And Personalize Your Wedding Photo Album

Whether you’re getting wed in a lavish and formal setting, or getting hitched in DIY rustic style, you’ll have plenty of details to pick and choose from, to make your wedding photo albums more personal. 

Include a good variety of images – posed, relaxed, informal and fun – to perfectly reflect the mood of the special occasion. It’s important to feature all of your family and friends in your wedding photo albums, as everyone likes to spot themselves when browsing.

3. Express Yourself On The Cover

You and your beloved are the star attraction of your wedding day. To personalize your wedding photo albums perfectly, choose to express yourself on the cover. Pick a wedding photo book template that complements your wedding style, theme and color palette. You’ll also need to decide on the layout and type of cover – soft or hardback – that best suits your wedding and personal taste.

Couple getting married - Photo Books: Best 5 Tips To Perfect And Personalize Your Wedding Photo Album

Your cover shot should be beautiful, striking and alluring, and also reflect your personalities. The cover photo should tempt, beguile and entice everyone to pick up your wedding photo album to take a good look at all of the stunning images inside.

The opening and closing shots that you feature inside the wow factor cover of your wedding photo book are equally important. Pick out a perfect opening photo that sets the tone of your love story, and close with a romantic shot of you and your spouse about to embark on a new story of married life.

4. Ask Your Guests To Contribute

When you’re busy being the centre of attention on your big day, you’re not able to enjoy the celebration in the same way that your guests do. To get your guests’ perspective on your wedding day, it’s a great idea to ask them to contribute to the content of your wedding photo albums.

wedding party - Photo Books: Best 5 Tips To Perfect And Personalize Your Wedding Photo Album

Many couples place disposable cameras on the reception tables, and encourage guests to snap away during the evening. If you have a friend or family member who’s a keen photographer, ask them to take a few unreserved snaps that you can include in your wedding photo book.

If you have a photo booth available at your wedding, it’s a nice idea to include these fun instant snaps in a separate companion wedding photo album. 

Once you’re back from your honeymoon, and you receive your wedding photographs from the official photographer, have them professionally arranged in beautiful bespoke wedding photo albums. Ask your family and close friends to add their personal anecdotes and comments to some of the featured photos. 

5. Add The Finishing Touches

Once you have selected all of the photographs to feature in your wedding photo albums, it’s lovely to spend a little time adding the perfect finishing touches. You can easily embellish your photos by incorporating your personalized wedding invitation, directions map, venue leaflet, and other bits of information about your wedding day.

wedding keepsakes - Photo Books: Best 5 Tips To Perfect And Personalize Your Wedding Photo Album

To add extra luxury to your bespoke wedding photo albums, you can include a memorabilia pocket or section that can be filled with special keepsakes from your big day. 

To keep browsers intrigued by the content of your personalized wedding photo albums, mix it up and include humorous shots of family members and friends enjoying themselves at your nuptials. Amusing anecdotes, quirky comments and funny captions help to create an immersive personalized experience for wedding photo album browsers that were not in attendance on your wedding day.

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