Let Silk Flowers Set an Eco-Friendly Backdrop for Your Wedding Day

In collaboration with CSI Wall Panels and Silk Plants Direct

Remember Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s lavish cream flower wall when they tied the knot? Theirs may have been crafted with a hefty price tag, but did you know silk flowers can set not only an eco-friendly but also a more budget-friendly floral backdrop for your big day? As with other great options for 3D wall panels provided by CSI Wall Panels, silk flowers take your wedding to new heights and withstand time to offer an unexpected way to decorate your new home as you build a life together with your partner!

We had the opportunity to sample some silk flowers ourselves with a lovely bouquet of pink peonies, and from brightening up the office doorway to adding nuance into our photoshoots, these flowers have been a welcoming addition to the room. Granted, they don’t offer the subtle sweet scent that real peonies exude, but their life-like qualities easily lend a refreshing and uplifting ambiance.

flowers1 - Let Silk Flowers Set an Eco-Friendly Backdrop for Your Wedding Day

As creatives, we’re constantly looking for new ways to refresh our decor, and so far, we’ve set these peonies in vases and laid them flat on tabletops, but we’re dying to try out our own flower wall by taping vertical rows of these long-stemmed peonies to the wall. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing daily flower selfies on our Instagram Stories! If you decide to follow our lead, we recommend using Shurtape making tape for best results!

b7869bf4eb114f221f2a624fc68cf8ed - Let Silk Flowers Set an Eco-Friendly Backdrop for Your Wedding Day

Photo credit: Poli Productions

In need of some more flower inspiration? Take a look at how some of our favorite couples used florals in their wedding decor!



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