4 Tips to Take Great Shots of Rings at a Wedding

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Your wedding is a powerful declaration of love and commitment, and the rings that you choose serve as timeless reminders of that promise. People may change in the long run, potentially switching out wedding bands as time takes its toll on even the most durable materials. What remains constant, though, is the lasting bond of your union that is first signified through a pristine pair of rings.

From the ancient civilizations of Rome and Egypt, weddings were not just meant to be a physical claim but a true symbol of love and permanence. These are just some of the iconic pieces that make up the magic of a wedding day. Naturally, this is something that you would want to capture and look back on.

The wonder of expert wedding photography is how it can memorialize these moments in stunning ways. Whether you decide to go for a pro or take some of your own photos throughout the big day, make sure you are familiar with some of the best tips on how to get great wedding ring shots at a wedding.

Don’t shy away from macro

When it comes to getting stunning photos of the rings, you don’t want to settle for any photo that has the rings visible. With a symbolic item that embodies intimacy, it’s only right that you get up close and personal with some macro shots. Feel free to get creative with how you want to pose with your wedding rings, be it holding hands together or going for a dramatic toast.

The impact of going for macro has reached a point that it was even a trend to include it in many major device releases with multiple cameras. You were basically ensured that getting a new mobile device means accessing features like macro. This is because it usually provides a better image quality than a digital filter. Of course, professionals that have physical camera lenses at their disposal will be able to make use of “true macro”, which means you get 1:1 magnification and a very precise depth of field.

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If you have a professional photographer working with you during the big day, make sure they bring the right lenses so you can truly look back on the immaculate cut and curvature of your rings when you sealed the deal. This can also be great for that big moment when the ring bearer presents your rings to you.

Lean into the narrative

Great wedding pictures tell a story that you can perfectly curate if you plan your shots well. Not every photo you take needs to be a posed moment (though those are welcome mainstays for albums.) For your big day, let your photographer know what kind of memories you really want to take with you for years to come.

From the moment you planned how to buy an engagement ring, it’s a sea of choices that aren’t solely determined by a budget and aesthetic. It’s the beginning of a journey to find “the one” band that will resonate with your story as a couple and eventually lead to the long-awaited exchange of “I do”s.

Your rings are meaningful symbols of your love, and this can open you up to more compelling shots. The bride’s hand during the first dance, the groom’s as he makes his toast, the moment you both touch each others’ hands during your first dance as newlyweds, and even candid moments where you laugh at a friend’s speech are just some moments that can paint a gorgeous image worth looking back on.

Go for natural light

Natural light does wonders in creating a soft glow that is flattering from various angles, so don’t miss out on posing outdoors or in an area that is nicely flooded with serene rays. There are various points in the day that can work well depending on the vibe you’re going for, and taking the time to find the perfect spot will let the light cascade nicely onto different textures.

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You also want to be wary of direct light, so that you don’t end up with some discoloration and harsh reflections. The big day may be busy, but you’ll want some early-morning and late-afternoon shots for that soft glow that makes the rings stand out nicely. You may even want to request that your photographer bring a reflector to any quick shoots for your rings. This technique can truly bring out the best in wedding jewelry, be it a string of pearls, a stainless steel watch, or carefully crafted wedding rings.

Take things easy with the background

One of the main reasons why people hire wedding videographers and photographers are to capture those wonderful elements and elevate them. There is an artistry and expertise that goes into immortalizing these memories in a way that tugs at the heartstrings and looks good.

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Of course, in the case of the ever-important wedding ring shot, you don’t want to go too crazy with the background. It can end up with a muddled photo that takes away from the main focus. If you have a trustworthy photographer, you can give them free rein to decide what placement is best for those specific photos that aren’t lost in the mix with other wedding moments.

 This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Having your rings on the ringbearer’s pillow or on a decorative element can make for a simple yet impactful photo. Though your wedding time and location may come into play when determining shots, you can easily get the perfect memorializations if you trust your photographer and embrace the beauty of simplicity.



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