All-American Wedding at the Otto Kahn and James Burden Mansions

Our #1 Reason to Watch Catherine and Jack’s Wedding at the Otto Kahn and James Burden Mansions

Catie and Jack are the all-American couple and their classic NYC wedding just makes us love them even more. We love his crew cut and her Katie Holmes vibes. From the jaw-dropping blue marbled walls of the reception room to the ruffled cake topped with white blossoms, every detail of this wedding makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Black with a Touch of Cream

We love that Catherine and Jack opted for a black and cream wedding–you just can’t go wrong! The black chiffon bridesmaids gowns go perfectly with the groomsmen’s black tuxes. We’re always a fan of the mix and match bridesmaids gowns to make sure everyone looks gorgeous and feels comfortable. 

Catherine’s bouquet and Jack’s boutineer are made of simple stems of lily of the valley. Lily of the valley symbolizes humility, chastity, sweetness, purity, luck in love, and the return of happiness. Kate Middleton’s bouquet was also made up of lily of the valley. Although we don’t see this classic often in our recent films, personally, I love these tiny little blossoms!

lily of the valley wedding bouquet - All-American Wedding at the Otto Kahn and James Burden Mansions

There you are, Darling!

Catherine and Jack may have felt that the tap-on-the-shoulder first look felt a little too staged for them, so they opted for a more natural version. While Catherine posted for bridal portraits in Central Park, Jack arrived from around the corner to see his bride for the first time. I have to say that I like this style of first look too as it feels very genuine. The two light up when they see each other and share a few kisses and intimate words before heading to the wedding at the Otto Kahn and James Burden Mansions.

No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl

I melted a little bit when I heard Catherine’s dad talk about his memories of her childhood. Everyone watching can relate to running around in the crashing waves of the ocean and holding tightly to a parents hand while you jump over the foamy water with reckless abandon. There is arguably nothing stronger than a parent’s love and that speech had me tearing up in the first few seconds of this sentimental wedding video.

Wedding Advice: How to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

You can still have a classic wedding, even if you add in a trend here and there. Mix and match bridesmaids dresses came back into style in the 2010’s and they seem to be here to stay. We love this trend because women come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you have a bridesmaid who is pregnant. Some women are more modest than others and some are more endowed than others. In short, one size does not fit all.

Catherine keeps it classic by going with long, black gowns but letting her girls choose which neckline suits them best. Allowing your bridesmaids take part in the decision gives them some control over how they look and feel on your wedding day and in the hundreds of photos and video that they will be in. The better they feel, the happier they’ll look–and who doesn’t want their friends to be happy?

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