Five Wedding Duties You Can Delegate

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If you’ve been planning your wedding by yourself, chances are there are still so many things left to be done. From the taking note of the RSVPs, to working with the florist on flower selection, to securing the wedding band… the list seems to go on endlessly!

Wedding planning is never easy, and it can be overwhelming as the day of the event gets closer, but worry not. There are always people willing to help the happy couple because it’s for their big day, after all! Granted, delegating wedding duties can be daunting for people who like to be organized all the time, but the fact of the matter is that if you want to have all your preparations done in time, you may need to let go a little bit and trust that the people assigned to the tasks will get it done. Your wedding day and all its details are important, but it is also essential that you don’t run yourself exhausted and are unable to enjoy it because of doing things all by yourself. The feeling of being worried or afraid is totally understandable, but remember that you are in control and you have the power to delegate the most important duties to your most trusted family or friends. You can utilize other kind souls for projects that require a lot of manpower, such as making invitation cards: some people can be assigned to pick out and gather craft supplies for decors, and others with connections can scout for things you need and so on.

If you want more ideas, read on below!

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Airport Pickup/Transportation

If you have guests, friends, or even family coming from out of town and you need someone to pick them up from the airport, the train station, or the bus stop, have a trusted friend as the designated driver. It’ll take the weight off the worrying on both sides and solves the logistics of getting everyone where they need to be.


This is perhaps one of the most important and underrated tasks. On the day of the wedding, there will be wedding professionals, including florists, photographers, caterers, the band, makeup artists, and more who may need a bit of direction in order to do their thing. This is a perfect task to entrust to your trusted relatives or friends as they can escort them to their places as well as give them notes on their final instructions so that you won’t have to mind your phone for calls all the time except in extreme emergencies.

Other trusted relatives who are comfortable greeting people at the wedding and venue can be greeters or ushers as well. They will be the ones responsible for instructing guests where they should be seated according to the seating plan and guide family members to their designated seats. Ushers can also assist older guests like grandparents or those with disabilities find their way to their seats.

Money Handler and Stuff Collector

This task should be delegated to someone you can absolutely trust with money because they will be the ones who will keep in touch with all the suppliers for you. Sometimes, wedding professionals need to be paid on the spot, so hand the person delegated to this task signed checks so that they will be the ones to do it for you.

Furthermore, let your suppliers know that you have entrusted the person you chose to pick up wedding items such as flowers, dry cleaning, decors, etc.

Confetti Leader

There’s always time for confetti especially after vows have been made, kisses have been exchanged, and the newly married couple has been announced. You can instruct friends to lead the guests in throwing confetti during the recessional.

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Party Starter

An empty dance floor can be a drag, although it is understandable that some people tend to be shy when it comes to dancing. Ask younger cousins or siblings or people you know are not shy about showing off their dance moves to liven up the dance floor. Entrust them this task by letting them know that they will hold one of the biggest responsibilities on your big day: the party starters who will bring life and cheer alongside the DJ.

More Ways to Get Everyone Involved

Believe it or not, there is no shortage of people who would want to help you on your wedding day, so don’t be shy about asking for some assistance!

Do you have other wedding duty ideas that can be easily delegated? Share them in the comments section below, or head over to NST Pictures’ blog for more wedding inspiration!SaveSave



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