Wedding Cinematography Sweepstakes Winners Wed at Front & Palmer in Philadelphia

Chyanne and Jermaine entered our wedding film sweepstakes and won a full videography package, and their wedding at Front & Palmer in Philadelphia was a wedding we will never forget! Filled with laughs, happy tears and gorgeous styling, this wedding was all about celebrating the love between Chyanne and Jermaine.

Jermaine’s best man said in his speech “It’s a beautiful day. I’ve seen them since relationships to roommates to business owners to homeowners…The growth between the two of them is amazing.” These two have been through a lot together! And how sweet is it that Jermaine sent Chyanne a huge box full of red roses with the cover saying “I Love You” that morning?

Chyanne wore a gorgeous fully beaded gown which she completed with a stunning studded headpiece with her hair swept to one side. Jermaine wore a dashing colored tuxedo showing just how stylish they both are! We were excited to see how they would react during their first look, and the big bright smiles they had was all we needed to see!

The ceremony was amazing too! Chyanne cried tears of joy as she walked down the aisle, and Jermaine struggled to hold back his tears as well.  It made our hearts so happy seeing how much love was present during their big day.

At the wedding reception, this couple showed just how fun and relaxed they are. They danced the night away with their friends and family. They had a few laughs at the speeches given, as well as during the bouquet and the garter toss. Amidst the fun, we still saw some happy tears flowing that night. The dance between Jermaine and his mother was one of the sweetest mother-and-son dances we had ever seen!

We were so happy and excited to be part of Chyanne and Jermaine’s wedding at Front & Palmer. We hope you fell in love with this wedding as much as we did! Congratulations again, Chyanne and Jermaine!

Did you love their wedding film? You too can still win a full cinematography package! Check out our blog post for details! Good luck!



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