What an awesome giveaway! Video is one thing that we may not have a budget for, but would absolutely love to have. The memories are so precious and we would love to relive them! Fingers crossed 🙂

Crossing my fingers! As someone newly diagnosed with MS at age 27, capturing this day is even more important to me than I would have thought in the past. I hope to watch my video in the future and look and feel the same, but you just don’t know what will happen physically and cognitively with my disease! Your cinematic approach and the clarity of your films are just beautiful!

Lindsay at NST Pictures

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Video really is such a magical time travel tool. Good luck with the sweepstakes and best wishes!

Such a dream! I love your timeless, natural approach to videography. I remember watching my godmother’s wedding video as a little girl and seeing all of my aunts and uncles, parents, and family members with funny 80’s hairstyles and outfits and I loved every moment of it. One of my biggest reasons for making video one of the priorities of the day is to be able to share it with future generations!

Lindsay at NST Pictures

Yes–totally! How cool is is that you have that video to look back on?!

What a great memory to have. Fingers crossed

My fiance and I don’t have the budget for a wedding video but this would be amazing. Love your style too! Good luck everyone 💖



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