5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

You know you’re definitely going to want to watch you and your spouse say your vows, seal the deal with a kiss and cut the cake in your wedding video, but there are other moments during your big day that you may be surprised how much fun they are to relive!

Here are our top five wedding memories that you’ll love to replay for years to come.

  1. The bride and bridesmaids getting ready in the morning

wedding duties 3 - 5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

Hair, makeup, pretty dresses and let’s not forget mimosas! This massive makeover party sans the sleepover is so. much. fun. All of your best friends have come to join you to get ready together for one of the biggest days in your life! The impromptu dance offs, dramatic compliments and the sheer silliness of the girls only club is only second to your bachelorette party.

  1. The groom hanging out with his groomsmen before the ceremony

groomsmen getting ready - 5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

This is a real trip to watch. Since there isn’t as much primping going on as in the bridal suite, the dudes are free to hang loose. Tie struggles, tales of high school debauchery and inside jokes are just a few highlights. Watching them try not to wince after that whisky shot to ward off nervousness always makes for a good laugh when you’re watching your wedding video.

  1. Giving your bridal party their gifts

wedding party gifts - 5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

Nothing like a heart-to-heart among true friends. This moment is one of the best because you get to thank everyone for their help during wedding planning and acknowledge their friendship as one of the few that are in it for the long run. You’ll wonder which is better: sharing your appreciation or the way your friends react.

  1. Giving your parents gifts

bridesmaids gifts - 5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

Whether your parents contributed to your wedding fund or not, it is traditional to give a present to both sets of parents to thank them for the people you have become. Top off an already emotional day with a sentimental gift to your parents and you’ve got a moment that you (and your parents) will want to remember forever. Thankfully, you’ll have your wedding video to help you!

  1. Your transformation into a bride

moments with mother of the bride - 5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

See yourself go from the everyday you to a bride. There are a lot of distractions happening the morning of your wedding so you may not have that “ah-hah” moment while you’re getting ready.

Bride getting ready to get married - 5 Surprising Wedding Moments You’ll Love to Watch Again

On replay, you’ll watch how the makeup artist carefully contours the shadow onto your eyelids, how your mother buttons you into the traditional white wedding gown and as you place the veil onto the crown of your head, you’ll see the look on your face in the mirror as you come to the realization that this day is finally here. We’re capturing a series of events during a major turning point in your life and that’s what makes the keepsake of a wedding video worth every penny.

Generally speaking, our Six, Eight, Ten and Director’s Wedding Video Collections include enough coverage time to cover the important moments that happen the morning of your wedding. To figure out if one of these wedding video packages could work for you, make an appointment with one of our wedding coordinators here.

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