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How awesome that your company does these giveaways!! 🙂

Gotta love autocorrect and touch phones lol Ashley Rae is my name

It would be so amazing and a big help to win! for my upcoming wedding in March27,2015

How amazing it would be if I could win a beautiful wedding movie package! I will be a first time bride at the age of 42 to the most wonderful man. After being in an unhealthy relationship for 18 years with no prospect of marriage, I’ve met the man of my dreams who has shown me how great love can be.

I cant wait to get married

This couldn’t have come at a better time! In the middle of wedding planning. 😀

This is a such a great way to capture a beautiful and unforgettable day. It would be an honor to win this.

Beautiful videos!

This is a wonderful gift to help that special day even more special!

super excited to document every magic moment!

This would be a dream come true!!


Exciting offer! Very cool!

My experience at Kleinfeilds was every I imagined and more! My is still lucky to be my fiancé because he took too long to put the deposit down for our videographer! So now we are left without one because any one of quality is booked! Please help make my dreams come true!

It is great that this amazing company is helping brides all over the world to make their wedding day even more memorable, by doing this giveaway package witch will capture one of the most important moments in a coples life to perfection. As a bride on a tight budget winning being bless with this opportunity would be so helpful because I would not have to sacrifice other details in mu big day.

I really hope I win!

Love the video!! 🙂

this would really help!

This video was absolutely beautiful!

This website is amazing

This would be so great! I don’t see our budget allowing is such a luxury but I would love to have a videographer at our wedding.

Most of my family won’t be able to make it to my wedding so winning this would give me the opportunity to share with them my wedding day. (https://nstpictures.com/enter-to-win-an-artistic-wedding-videography-package/)

This contest would be a great help for my fiance and I!

What a beautiful video! I am very impressed with your work and would love the opportunity to have you at my wedding in August!

I would love to win a cinematography package. Currently, it is not in the budget, but it is something that if I can find a way I would love to have all of our magical moments captured since a large portion of my fiancé’s family will not be able to be with us for it.

amazing! have loved all the videos i have seen so far. this would be a magical addition to our seaside fall wedding in october 2015! best of luck brideys!

I would love to have a story like this for my wedding

Would be blessed to have a video like this for my wedding day!

These videos are gorgeous! I hope I can win! But, regardless will be looking into your services!

Would love to win this to capture our wedding!

My fiance & I are getting married on 10/16/2015 and it would be amazing to be remember the day with this type of video! Love your work!

What a beautiful video! It would be amazing to capture out special day on video!

It would be SO amazing to have our special day beautifully captured by NST in April 2015!

Your videos are beautiful and touching to watch! My fiancé and I would love to win the opportunity to have you capture our wedding!

Great opportunity. Thanks.

This is great! I was so moved by some of the video’s I’ve watched. It seems like this company really knows how to capture life which is what we all hope can be accomplished when we decide on who will fill the space of the photographer or videographer on our special occasions.

Everything about this is great, and my fiance and I would love to win a video of our wedding since we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a videographer. I’m a little disheartened, however, that only “Bride” is available in the pull-down menu above, since we are both grooms. You might consider changing that, if you do LGBT weddings.

Hi Matthew,

We apologize for the exclusion in our comment form. We love all kinds of weddings! Our web editors have been working to change this, but unfortunately, it’s taking a little longer than expected. We have had the opportunity to film some absolutely beautiful LGBT weddings, and we’re looking forward to filming more in the coming years!

We’d love to set up a time to chat with you about your upcoming wedding! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

-NST Team

Planning my wedding now — 2-14-16! 🙂

I am having a very creative and artistic wedding and would love a creative and artistic video to capture it.

This is great–thanks for the opportunity!

It would be amazing to win this package. We would love to be able to capture our wedding day!

Videography is one of those wedding elements that has the ability to savor your big day to the fullest extent. Not only can you relive the incredible memories but you can see it through different perspectives. It’s a wedding must-have which makes the package a dream giveaway.

Please add a selection for the groom! I don’t see any comments from grooms, but I surely would love to have a wonderful film of my wedding. This would be the greatest surprise that I could give my lovely bride on our wedding day of April 10, 2015. The films I have viewed are awesome!!!

Hi Jesse!

Our web editors have been working to add a groom selection, and we’ll have it up as soon as possible! We’d love to be a part of your wedding. Let’s set up a time to chat about our packages – https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

This would help a great deal. It’s one less thing for us to worry about.

Thank you for this give away!! I love your wedding films and I want to win this so bad!!!

It would be amazing If my fiancé and I won this package!!!!! We are both very much in love with the cinematography wedding videos, but after looking and searching packages can be quite expensive. Beautiful work NST Pictures 🙂

I want to win this more then anything! I love your videos and all the work that you do! Videography is the most important part of my wedding to me and more then anything I want to win this contest to have PTS pictures help me capture the memories of my wedding day!

The video looks amazing! I would love to win this opportunity so my fiancé and I could share this memorable wedding day on April 18,2015 with our grandparents and relatives who are overseas and unable to come and our children in the future. Thank you.

We are surprising our guest on new years ever 2016. They would be shocked if this came up on the screen right before the music started!!!

This would be so amazing. My fiancé and I were just thinking videography was out of our budget!

My fiancé and I are on a tight budget and cannot afford a video. I would love to have a keepsake recording of our ceremony to show our children one day. Our wedding is on 8/30/15.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. My fiance and I would love to have every moment of our wedding captured by you! That example video looked beautiful.

I hope we win!

Your company is amazing for offering this! There are people out there who would not be able to capture their special day forever without such generosity. My fiancé and I are still students, medical student and nutrition student, hoping to get married this November! I’m very excited! Winning this would be a blessing!

We are already over the budget , it woul be the greatest help….. Let’s see 🙂 I never won anything in my life , perhaps will get lucky this time . Being engaged is the most wonderful feeling and the happiest we have ever been.

Just the other day I was talking about the role home videos played in my life growing up. I was thinking about how special it is to have those memories. I realized then that we haven’t even thought about a wedding videographer, we are on a tight budget for our August 29th wedding. It would mean the world to have these moments captured by your team for us to enjoy for years to come!

I hope I win!

This would be amazing!

Your cinematography style is amazing, and it’s just what we have been looking for! We will not have any kids of our own but are excited to have the opportunity to have a wedding video made. Our 4 young nephews will be in the wedding (2 which live in Australia) and they will be able to look back at a video years from now and smile &laugh.

Beautiful work! Hope to work with you soon!

I would love to win this!!! My fiance and I could use all the help we can get…

NST – Your team captures how unique each wedding is but all of them feel like a dream. Please pick me to win this contest for my wedding next month! My fiance, due being in the miliary, and I have been away from home for so long, and our wedding is like our homecoming party. We can’t wait to be home to celebrate with friends and family and would LOVE for you to capture the day! <3

I wanted to a videographer for my wedding in August but my budget wouldn’t allow it. It would be so awesome if I win this contest. I have never won anything in my life, well expect winning the best husband to be.

I am getting married on September 18th 2015 due to our budget being so tight we have decided not even to have a wedding video because we simply can not afford it. I am 22 my fiance is 27 and we are paying this whole thing ourselves, I work full time and am a full time student. My fiance works full time also. We have been struggling to pull this whole thing together. After getting ripped off by a limo company we have booked we have started to become extremely stressed out planning this wedding. We have decided not to get video because of money issues. Winning this free video would help us so much and add something to our wedding we so desparately wanted!

Fingers crossed … we don’t have a budget for videography but I know it would make our special day!!

Our wedding is on 7/31/15, We would love to have videography for our wedding but we are really over budget. This would trulu be a blessing to us and our family.

Alimat Akabashorun

beautiful video. I hope I can afford to do this one day

this would be a dream come true!

I would love to win this for my upcoming wedding in 2016 for my 10 year renewal we went to the justice of the peace the first time now we are going to have the fairytale

Ever since I can remember I always wanted to get my wedding on video unfortunately my fiancée and I are struggling to pay for things as is ( its us who’s paying for the whole wedding) winning this would be a dream come true! you guys do beautiful work !

i love watching wedding videos. it captures the essence of the day that can just fly by!

Thus sounds like an awesome opportunity!

This would be amazing to win. Having my wedding on video will mean my family and I could relive that wonderful moment over and over. I have friends that wished they did.

Danielle Mac Donald

I hope this is legit, but it is nice that there is a contest to help ease the immense cost of a wedding 🙂 Wish us luck! We need this

I was given the greatest gift, a second chance at love and I found it in Mike Rinaldi, I would love to have the most amazing day of my life to be captured by you!

This giveaway is awesome. The video is lovely and we’d be lucky to have the opportunity to have such a well-made wedding video.

Hoping to win this artistic cinematic videography for my aug. 7, 2015 wedding.

Entering to win!

Awesome! Hope i win!!

This would be amazing for my wedding. Just to capture the moments of a special day that no one could believe would come true.

The video was amazing! The quality of it, angles, candid and still shots were exquisite! Thank you for giving this opportunity, it’s very gracious.

Woow!!! Beautiful videography!!! Winning this will hasten my wedding plans which I have kept on postponing due to lack of funds.
Kenyan citizen.

I am a HUGE fan of NST pictures. It would be so amazing if I could get a wedding video package, this would be AMAZING. I love your style and would love to work with you.

I would be so honored to have a chance to win. Never thought I would get married or find the perfert guy but I did who knew that I have known him for 25 years. Strange how this world works.

Hi think your work is fantastic! I am getting married next August and we are on a very tight budget. Winning this video package would mean we would be able to have video of our wedding because currently it is not in our budget at all. I love your style and hope that I can work with you on our special day.

u guys do it like pro and ur Pro, I appreciate that,love it,that wil be honored. Thanks


This would be a dream come true!

What a wonderful giveaway!

Love your beautiful work! Would love you to shoot my wedding at oheka castle!

A wedding video isn’t in our budget right now, but we would love to capture all those special moments on our perfect day!

It means the absolute most that you guys are even offering this and it would be the greatest honor to win!!

I think it’s awesome you are doing this!

Danielle Mac Donald

It is really hard to find a good wedding videographer within our wedding budget. We have been trying to meet people but we are having a hard time. It would be great to have the chance to cross this off our list <3

Jennifer bonardi

I am floored after watching some of the videos you posted on your web site. Absolutely amazing work!!

Thanks, Jennifer! Have you set up your consultation yet? We’d love to create a film like that for your big day! https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability

I’m so excited for this contest! It’s so wonderful that you give this amazing prize. Your videos are absolutely gorgeous <3 🙂

Videos are gorgeous!

This is an exciting giveaway! Your work is beautiful! Due to some family health trouble, my fiance and I have moved up our wedding from next year to this summer! Trying to get everything done in a few months and within a tight budget is tricky! This giveaway would be super helpful! …staying hopeful. 🙂

Photos are the most lasting memories of the big day!

What a great company! It would be amazing to win a videography package for my upcoming August 2015 wedding!!

How wonderful it would be to win this prize! I was up in the air about hiring a videographer and I’ve since decided its something I really want for our wedding! You’re videos are beautiful and I love that you can do this on a budget. My wedding is in 77 days, this would be a great pre-wedding surprise. My fiance and I have been engaged since 2013, together since 2011. He is in the Marine Corps. This would be something very special to have on our wedding day.

Beautiful videos!

I hope I can catch special moments with NST Pictures! Excellent work.

I’ve always heard you won’t regret videography – this seems like that chance! We would love to have a videography team to document our wedding next year!

i hope we WIN !

Thanks for giving an opportunity out to anyone that may consider it a blessing!

I couldn’t want this opportunity more – crossing all fingers and toes (and arms and legs…)
Thank you!

Your video of the vineyard wedding is great!!

What compelling work! This would be the most amazing experience! Thank you for the opportunity!

All of your videos & photography are completely stunning. You’re so talented at what you do, so thank you for offering all of us a chance to win a package!

Hope you’re having a great summer <3

What a wonderful giveaway!

I love all the big and small moments you capture in your videography. The crisp moments, the soft moments, the teary moments, and the laughter-filled moments… your videos catch it all. You’re so talented & thank you so much for offering all of us this wonderful giveaway!

Video was too much for our budget so it would be amazing to win this package!

I’d love to win! Great work!

This work is gorgeous!

This would be awesome to have especially since my fiancé and I don’t have it in the budget to hire a videographer.

Amazing videography company that consistently produces quality artistic videos. We’d be honored to win the contest!!!

Hi Dana,

Thanks for entering! Our sweepstakes ends this week, so please make sure you validate your entry by filling out this form by tomorrow: https://nstpictures.com/investment-availability


My fiance and I are getting married on November 11, 2016– on our 10 year anniversary of dating. It would be a dream come true to have you capture this special day!



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