NST Joins Wish Upon A Wedding

At NST Pictures, we believe that couples deserve the wedding of their dreams. We’ve recently partnered with Wish Upon a Wedding to give wedding films to couples that are affected by terminal illness or other life-changing circumstances.

 Wish Upon a Wedding was established in 2009 with the intent of taking away the burden of a planning and financing a wedding for couples that have to deal with terminal illness. The organization operates in all fifty states, and they’ve donated weddings to over forty couples since they began. NST is excited to continue in our philosophy that every couple should have a wedding film through this partnership!

This won’t be the first time NST has donated services to make a couple’s dream come true.

Last year, we filmed Brian and Jenn Gargano’s wedding in Los Angeles, CA. The entire event was put together in a matter of ten days, after Jenn received grim news from her doctor. She had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer, and it was possible that she only had a few months to live.  The couple decided to move their August wedding to April, and considering they received the diagnosis in March, they didn’t have much time to plan.  Brian immediately contacted Elysia Skye, a wedding officiant and breast cancer survivor, who wasted no time in starting an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for the couple. After coordinating with Laura Guerrie of Rebel Belle Weddings, we were honored to participate in Jenn and Brian’s special day with providing them with videography services for the entire day. Their day was absolutely beautiful! The ceremony was held at the gorgeous Yamashiro Restaurant, and Jenn looked stunning in her champagne-tinted gown. The video still gives us chills each time we watch it! If you’d like to see more of their special day, check out their feature film.

If you’d like to find out more about Wish Upon a Wedding, their website has more information about what they do, as well as information on how you can get involved.



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