3 Things You Need to Know about Wedding Cinematography

For newly engaged couples, being thrown into the whirlwind of wedding planning can be confusing! Here are three things you need to know about wedding cinematography before you book.

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1. Your budget for cinematography should be the same as your photography budget.

Cinematography requires a lot more than setting up one camera in the back of your ceremony. Both photography and cinematography use expensive equipment, require the shooter to be on his/her feet for your entire day, and need hours of editing after the wedding to deliver the best final product. Since both arts require similar processes to preserve your priceless memories, be prepared with a budget that allows beautiful results!

2. You won’t need to have chemistry with the shooter.

Unless you want to hear your cinematographer’s voice throughout your wedding film, they won’t speak while they film your big day. Your shooter will be focused on capturing the natural flow of your day during your prep, ceremony, photo session and reception. Most of the time, you’ll probably forget that the cinematographer is even there!

3. Your cinematographer will let your photographer lead.

Your shooter wants to capture your day from a “fly on the wall” perspective. During the photo session, your photographer will direct your group shots and poses as a couple, and the videographer will capture the scene as a whole. However, if you’re interested in having a more creative film, your videographer can use the final ten minutes of your photo session to some fun shots of you as a couple and with your wedding party.

Check out Alyssa and Dimitrius’ film below to see how our cinematographers can provide a full overview of the day without being obtrusive!

An NST Pictures wedding consultant can answer more detailed questions about cinematography and help you decide which package is best for your big day. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

Alexandra Tarsia and Marc Devitt


This is amazing! Anyone who wins this will be blessed! It’s truly a great giveaway for anyone to win. Good luck to all!!!



I love NST’s style! You guys are rocking it! After already spending so much time planning my wedding, I realize how very important it is to capture the day. I hope I am the lucky one who wins this promotion! Fingers crossed, tight! 😉

I originally wanted to leave videography out of our wedding budget. But after I realized how much time and money would be going into planning, and now I can’t imagine not having a video.

These videos are adorable!

Love your videos! Great giveaway!

The first look gave me chills! So sweet <3

I am obsessed with NST pictures…right now I don’t think I can fit it into my budget, but I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful the 3-5 minute films are. <3

Can’t wait to see the results! Good luck everyone!

NST has a beautiful artistic eye on capturing moments. A very unique artistic style that is extremely appealing. I hope I can have them video-graph my wedding!

i want to be able to fall in love all over again every time we snuggle up on the couch and relive our magical wedding day!

This is so amazing! What a wonderful thing to have years down the road to remember that wonderful day 🙂

LOVE! The highlight videos are amazingly beautiful. This is exactly what I want. Simply perfect!

To have a company who believes in the artful, non-intrusive style of videography to capture our wedding would be very special. We would love to be able to look back in the years to come at our family and friends sharing in the excitement of our day..

Such beautiful photos! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Magical! Cinematic films create a special remembrance for every couple. Good luck to all!

It is SOOO important to have photographs and a video of our day. The day will go buy so quickly but we will have the video forever. We will be able to keep sharing the day with friends and family for the rest of our lives. We are so excited to become husband and wife and we would love to have your team there for our day! We may not be able to afford a videographer being we both have single parents money is very tight. This would be a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders to be able to watch our day over and over forever.

Thank you for your time!

The Future Koncicks

Cinematography is SO important to a wedding. Out of all the wedding blogs, reviews and articles I’ve read, it’s the number one thing people either wish they hadn’t cut from their budget, or the thing they’re the most grateful for having. For Dustin and I, the little things are very important to us – and capturing those little moments, minute details and behind-the-scene adventures would mean the world to us. Our entire relationship has been built on appreciating those details, and being able to have it come to life all over again at the press of a button is so valuable. The idea of watching Dustin read his vows to me again 10, 20, 30 years from now makes me giddy. Having our future kids watch us during our first dance and see the love in our eyes as we sway would be amazing. Capturing my two-year-old goddaughter’s silly antics on camera will be so fun to replay on HER wedding day. And watching our friends and families break it down on the dance floor will serve as a reminder for why these people are so important to us. Pictures are a beautiful thing, but you can capture things on a whole other level through video, and we would be so grateful to have NST Pictures be at our wedding.

photography and cinematography are probably the most important to my fiancé and me. We both work in media and after countless college thesis films we know how hard everyone works on these. Not something to cut from the budget!

Fingers crossed for this amazing prize!!! Whoever wins is a lucky bride/groom!!! <3

I just entered your giveaway with Kleinfeld’s. I really hope I win now, because as lovely as your work is, I sadly don’t think I have room in my budget for both a photographer and a videographer 🙁 Best of luck to everyone who entered, and wonderful work all around!

I would be so lucky to win this package! It would be amazing to capture our special day and be able to relive it.

We don’t have money in our budget for photos and videos so it would be amazing to win this!

This is an amazing contest! Who wouldn’t want to capture their day with this level of artistry! The winners of this prize are truly blessed! Hopefully its us! Good luck to all, and Congratulations!



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