Real Couples Share Their Top 4 Reasons Why Wedding Videography Is Important

Hearing all kinds of vendors talk about how essential their services are to your big day can get a little overwhelming. After all, how do they know what’s really best for your wedding?

Don’t just take it from us. See what real couples that are in the planning stages have to say about wedding videography!

At NST Pictures, we’re not asking you to blindly take our advice about the importance of wedding videography; we want you to hear it from other couples that are in the same crazy whirlwind of wedding planning!

Reason 1: You’re going to miss a lot of the details of your wedding. Video lets you relive the entire day.

“Videography is important for our wedding so we can capture all those little things we miss on our big day, [like] the things that our friends do that make them our friends but we miss because we are so caught in the moment. We want to look back at these things and relive the day with a whole new perspective.” –Elise (

“When the flowers are wilting and the family has flown home, the one thing you have is photo and videos to relive and capture those moments so they live on forever. What I love about videography is you can grab so many moments that others may have missed out on and bring them to life for your friends and family through a full story.”  -Whitney (

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Reason 2: While seeing the pictures is great, video allows you to feel the emotion of the day all over again!

“Cinematography is vital to the wedding process because it does something that photos could never do. It brings the smiles and laughter you felt to life. You hear the music, you see the dancing, you watch yourself and your loved ones all take part in something beautiful that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.” –Melissa (

“Cinematography is so important because it’s the storytelling element of our time and generation. We live in a digital age where moving pictures have become an important part of our culture and lives. To have that captured at our wedding would mean we will get to re-live it everyday!”  –Stephen (

“Pictures are beautiful too, but there’s something special about watching a video that can truly bring back all the emotions of a special moment. It’ll be something we can share with our kids when they get older, watch during anniversaries and even watch if things get tough as a reminder of the love we have for each other. A picture says a thousand words but a video says a million.” –Anissa (

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Reason 3: The family and friends that attend your wedding won’t be around forever.

“Recently I lost my grandfather rather suddenly and the realization that he will not be at my wedding is so upsetting to me. At first I did not think I needed a wedding video, but after realizing how special it is to have memories of our loved ones I knew I needed to have a video. I’ve heard the day flies by and I want to be able to see all my friends and family enjoying our special day with us. Having a wedding video is now something that is so important to me.” –Allison (

Hearing the music that was played that day, the voices of loved ones that may have passed, it is without a doubt one of the most important parts of the overall day! I am planning to have two of my best friends sing at our wedding and it is so important to have that captured and ready to play on repeat for years to come.” –Samantha (

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Reason 4: Video lets you share your day with family and friends that aren’t able to attend in person and even your future children.

“We are having a small intimate wedding out of the country. This means most of our family and friends will not be in attendance and what better way to have them share that moment with us than a video that captures the day but most importantly the feeling of the day!” –Tanika (

“As a photographer, capturing the moment is something I treasure. Capturing the action is even better! I would love to have NST film our special day so that one day our kids can see the day we sealed the deal.” –Gretchen (

“Pictures are worth a 1000 words and all, but a video of the special day would be a great way to tie in those near and far whom we love even if we can’t accommodate them in person.” -Jasmine (

“We would LOVE to be able to capture the love, excitement, happiness, and joyous moments that can only be captured in the images of movements and the sounds that happen on our big day. For years to come we would find so much pleasure in watching the video with the children we will have and our loved ones.” -Jessica (

The newlyweds-to-be have spoken!

Wedding videography is a priceless way to preserve your wedding memories forever. A video captures all the little details and special moments that you’ll want to watch again and again for years to come. Check out Emily and Jeremy’s film to see just how important it is to see and relive the entire occasion!

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For us wedding videography is essential because it captures the actions, emotions and sounds from such a special day, details that photography can’t duplicate. For me personally video is very important because the majority of my family lives in my native country and would not be able to attend our wedding thus with a video they can relive the day as if they were there.



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