A Seaside Wedding to Seal a Lifetime of Love 

Our #1 Reason to Watch this Artistic Wedding Video

When the ceremony is as amazing as the reception, and vice versa, you just want to press play over and over again. Hillary and Scott’s seaside wedding is everything we want our own weddings to be and more. You can just tell by the way they carry themselves that these two are loved by everyone they know–from their parents to their coworkers to the grocery store checkout lady. 

Even though their Ocean House wedding in Rhode Island is semi-formal, the laid back vibe in the air, the candid vows and the coolness of the bride letting her hair down and taking whiskey shots on the dancefloor make this a wedding that was just as much fun to film as it is to watch again.

Plus, Hillary and Scott were one of the first couples who trusted us to create a wedding film for them way back when we were just an itty-bitty wedding video company. Their trust in us was so relieving, because we knew we were going to give it our all to give them something they truly loved, and we did, as you can see in one of our very first reviews!

Vows to Make a Grown Man Cry

The natural audio of the day–the vows, the letters–we can’t write anything about it that would live up to just listening to it. Press play and see what we mean.

A-Line Wedding Gowns

Ok–let’s just take a brief moment to talk about Hillary’s hair. We love the loosey-goosey pulled back look with the little tendrils of hair falling out of the front and framing her face. The long veil and mini flower accent are a sweet combo.

We love the scalloped lace edge around the top of the bodice of Hillary’s half lace, half organza strapless wedding gown. The A-line style of her wedding dress is romantic and flattering. Scott does too. We love that he gives his fiance two thumbs up, literally, during their first look.

As for Scott, a classic black tux never goes out of style.

Writing the Best Wedding Vows

Spoiler alert: Groom tears. Like, lots of them. Bride tears too. That’s probably why this wedding video was at the top of our list for so long! There’s nothing like two people sharing one of the most intimate moments in life in front of everyone they know, and being so cool that they don’t even care that they are letting it all out in public. That’s some true love right there–”I love you with all of my freaking heart and I don’t care who sees it!!!” Props, you two.

One of our favorite lines in their vows is when Scott says, “I wish that everyone who falls in love, falls in love as hard and as true as we did.” We wish that too, Scott!! 

seaside wedding - A Seaside Wedding to Seal a Lifetime of Love 

Trolly Wedding Transportation for a Seaside Wedding

The Ocean House in Rhode Island is definitely a stunner. This little town is the cutest and the wedding party got around it in the sweetest, little white trolley.

The Wedding Reception to End All Wedding Receptions

Imagine your dream wedding reception wish list…. A giant Jenga block guest book? Yes. The whole reception crew taking shots directly out of a Knob Creek bourbon bottle? Yes. Fireworks? You bet. Plus string lights, glow sticks and some sick dance moves. This reception has it all. 

What more could you want out of an outdoor, summer wedding reception? Oh yeah, how about a sparkler tunnel leading the bride and groom to their getaway boat. If that doesn’t kick off “happily ever after” with a bang, we don’t know what else would.

write letters the morning of your wedding - A Seaside Wedding to Seal a Lifetime of Love 

Wedding Videography Advice

So, what can you take away from this wedding? Well, the number one thing on our list is to write your little hearts out. No wedding film is alike, but what makes them really unique and really “you” is when you share a piece of yourself in the audio. 

This could mean writing your own vows or if you’re a little concerned about being so vulnerable in front of everyone you know (again: props to these two for letting everyone in on how deep their love is!), you can always write letters to each other to read aloud the morning of your wedding. They can really set a romantic or light-hearted tone to your wedding video and make it unmistakably yours with a little piece of your personality.

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