Bridesmaids Gift Roundup: The Best Gifts to Give your Girls

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Being a bridesmaid is no easy task. It’s an honor that girlfriends don’t take lightly. Not only does it require a level of attentiveness and planning, it also requires shelling out and usually traveling for multiple events. 

Giving your bridesmaids gifts on the wedding day is a time-honored tradition. It’s a way to say “thank you” for all that your friends have done for you leading up to your wedding. It’s also a general “thank you” for all of the years they have spent supporting you and being a good friend. 

But in a world where everyone has everything with 2-day shipping from Amazon, gifts have started to feel unnecessary and impersonal. That’s where customized gifts come into play.

Here are a few of our favorite personalized presents from Groovy Girl Gifts that are sure to be used, and more-importantly loved, by your bridesmaids!

1. Bridesmaids Gift Sets

Bridesmaids gift sets have been gaining popularity in the last few years and Groovy Girl Gifts takes all of the legwork out of putting them together with their pre-packaged gift sets, which you can check out here.

Gift sets could include makeup mirrors, wine tumblers, champagne glasses, confetti poppers, matches, sunglasses, robes and anything else you might need for getting ready the morning of the wedding. All of these items make great gifts because they can also be used for years to come–tumbler for wine on the patio, mirror in their purse and airy robes for a warm and breezy Sunday morning at home.

bridesmaids gift sets - Bridesmaids Gift Roundup: The Best Gifts to Give your Girls

There are a few choices for themes, like preppy black-and-white stripes with gold accents, romantic blush and gold, classic white and gold, sassy cheetah and geometric pastel hearts.

You can even personalize many of the items in the gift basket with her name, a nickname or “bridesmaid.” With options that range from $17 – $52, you’ll be able to find the perfect set of gifts for every girl.

And if you’re looking for a little something special for yourself… (or you’re a bridesmaid and you want to treat the bride!) follow along on our Instagram for giveaways of gift boxes just like these!

2. Matching Bridesmaids Pajamas

Cute matching or coordinating robes for bridesmaids have been trending for the last 10 years and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon–yay! Not only are they a great item to have for lounging around the house later on, but they look super cute in your getting-ready part of your wedding video (see below!). 

A more-recent take on this trend is the bridal pajamas. We’ve seen everything from palm-leaf matching sets to cozy flannel button downs, but we absolutely love this blue floral option with personalized embroidery over the pocket. 

bridesmaids pajamas 300x300 - Bridesmaids Gift Roundup: The Best Gifts to Give your Girls

It’s a bit trickier to fly under the radar with this gift while trying to get sets that fit everyone perfectly, but they’re so darn cute that we definitely think it’s worth it. 

3. Bridesmaids Jewelry Travel Bag

We love this idea because it’s not something that everyone has but it is something that everyone needs. There’s nothing worse than checking into your hotel room, popping into the bathroom to get ready for the evening and then finding that all of your necklaces have become a tangled mess. 

bridesmaids gifts 300x300 - Bridesmaids Gift Roundup: The Best Gifts to Give your Girlsbridesmaids gift ideas 300x300 - Bridesmaids Gift Roundup: The Best Gifts to Give your Girls

Not only does this travel jewelry organizer help alleviate that time-consuming situation, it’s also neutral enough for all of your girls to think it’s cute. Add their initials in the corner in gold for a bespoke touch.

Give these bridesmaids gifts to your girls during the early days of your engagement so they can use them for traveling to your shower, bachelorette party or wedding!

Other Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts

If you’re not wild about any of these choices, there are a lot of other cute options on the site and so many of them can be personalized! Browse around and pick out the perfect present for the girls who have been by your side through it all.

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