Trending Engagement Gifts for your Bride-to-Be

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A wonderful way to congratulate your sister, friend or daughter when she agrees to marry someone is to give her engagement gifts to commemorate the moment. It’s such an exciting time for everyone involved!

There are so many types of engagement gifts that are appreciated, but if you really want to do something special for her, give her a gift she can use on her wedding day. It just adds to the excitement and anticipation of the big day.

In a day and age when we all have too many things and can order whatever we need at the drop of a hat, it’s nice to choose a gift that can be useful beyond her wedding day too. You might be getting her something she doesn’t have yet, or replacing something cheap she bought for herself with a nicer version.

Personalized Engagement Gifts

To take the ideas of thoughtfulness and sustainability to the next level, consider personalizing her engagement gifts with her name or initials. If she is planning on taking her spouse’s name, it can be extra special to use her new monogram. Even though it is somewhat going out of stye, some brides can’t wait to have their spouse’s name if they’ve had a name that is hard to pronounce and spell all of their lives. Check in with her subtly before assuming she’ll have a new initial and purchasing personalized engagement gifts.

So what should you get her? Here are a few ideas that we love because they can be wedding themed, used anytime and can be personalized too.

Personalized Jewelry Travel Wallet Engagement Gifts

We love this engagement gift because it really is one thing that every girl should have. You don’t know how wonderful it is to have a jewelry travel case until you have one. If you travel a lot, you know how irritating it can be to arrive in your hotel room and find all of your dainty little pieces tied up in a giant knot. 

Considering your bride may be traveling frequently during her engagement, this is the perfect gift. She might have to jet-set to visit destination wedding venues, travel home for showers, meet you in an exotic place for the bachelorette party you’re planning and of course, get herself to the wedding venue. With her new jewelry travel wallet, all of her gems will be safe and organized while en-route.

engagement gifts 300x300 - Trending Engagement Gifts for your Bride-to-Be

We ordered this one for a friend and it’s inexpensive but you’d never guess so if you saw it in person. The printed initials are a classic font and so is the style of the travel case. There are various zipper pouches for rings and special items and places to put your stud earrings so they don’t lose their mates. We highly recommend this cute and useful keepsake.

Personalized Wedding Robe

We love how this trend has continued to grow. Ten years ago, the white cotton robe was standard, but now they come in florals, lace, satin and more. There are so many different fabrics to choose from and so many different ways to personalize them too. 

You can get classic monograms printed or embroidered as well and trendy fonts. There are more conservative, feminine styles and funky options for girls who like something a little more wild. 

Our current fave is this lace robe because it can adapt to so many wedding styles: classic, feminine, boho or sexy. It has a long white camisole attached inside so only your arms, chest and the lace at the very bottom are sheer. Not only will it look amazing on the morning of her wedding, but it would also make the perfect beach coverup.

Personalized Iced Coffee Cup

These are such a fun and versatile gift. They come in tons of colors and fonts to fit her personal taste or wedding style. We love these ombre bridesmaids cups and these initial cups too.

Engagement gifts personalized tumblers - Trending Engagement Gifts for your Bride-to-Be

When choosing a style, consider her daily wardrobe and the colors she’s used to design her apartment or home. That way, she’ll love using it while wedding planning on the go and on the day of her wedding.

These wedding tumblers can be used as bridesmaids gifts too. Help out your girl and purchase them for everyone to use on the morning of the wedding or even earlier for the bachelorette party. She’ll be so excited that everyone has a little something to remember the role they played in her big day. 

Cash for a Wedding Film Deposit

A wedding video is a personalized gift that keeps giving to the couple, but also to friends and family as the year goes by.

If you are very close with the bride, you can plan to continue to give her cash throughout her engagement to go toward this purchase. For each event–the engagement, the shower, the bachelorette and the wedding–you can give her money to use for her deposit.

Team up with family or bridesmaids to make an even bigger impact and see if you can’t cover at least half of her wedding video package so everyone can relive her wedding memories for years to come.

Engagement Gifts that are On Trend This Year

We hope this post inspired you to find the perfect engagement gifts for the bride in your life. No matter what you end up choosing for her, she will love it if the idea came from your heart.



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