A Carefree Couple’s Brooklyn Wedding Video

Our #1 Reason to Watch this Brooklyn Wedding Video

We low-key love Tiffany and Lukasz! Why? Because they throw caution to the wind. Wedding traditions? They take some; they leave some. 

Tiffany stops traffic, literally, as she skips across the street for their first look. She pulls it off too, as the cars inch around the corner. It would be rude to honk at a couple on their wedding day! 

She also stops to grab an ice cream cone during photo session–because why the hell not! When you’re the queen of the day, you can do whatever you want. Get it, girl!

Intimate Williamsburg Wedding

Acqua Santa is a quaint little Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate wedding or NYC elopement, in my opinion. The outdoor garden is open year round and it feels very cozy. Plus, there’s nothing like the smell of wood-fired pizza filling the air while you tie the knot. 

The restaurant itself is perfectly situated in a little nook of Williamsburg with plenty of places nearby for your portrait session. There are so many different backdrops, like chic and rustic storefronts, to ever-changing graffiti murals, to industrial city-esque landscapes

brooklyn wedding video - A Carefree Couple's Brooklyn Wedding Video

Beaded Wedding Dresses

Like I said before, Tiffany goes against the grain and I love it. She’s got a vintage chic vibe about her. Her beaded wedding dress is different than anything we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years and it flatters her in every way. I love the pattern of the white beads. They give the gown a contrast and texture. I also love that she opted for a birdcage veil and a PINK fur stole!

Lukasz wore a dark navy suit with a classic white dress shirt and a plum tie. He wraps up the look with walnut brown laced dress shoes. Even though they are unique choices, their wedding outfits really complement each other in their Brooklyn wedding video.

Wedding Advice: Do what you want on your wedding day!

Don’t want to invite the whole world? Don’t. Want to wear a dress that isn’t what everyone else is wearing right now? Go for it! Want your crew to throw paper airplanes when you say “I do” instead of rice? Yass queen–we love your style!

No one says you have to play by the rules. As long as you’re proclaiming your love to another person–it’s a wedding. The rest is completely up to you.

Are you a carefree couple looking for a Brooklyn videographer who gets your laid-back style?

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