A Modern Day Approach on Popping the Question

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No matter how it is done, asking for your partner’s hand in marriage is a huge step and one that you would like to go off without a hitch. Proposals have come a long way over the years with many new trends transpiring along the way. Modern day approaches to a proposal now consist of including both the soon to be bride and groom in on the ring selection, which is far from what the traditional ways once were. Whether you are trying to be secretive or have your partner in the know, below are some tips on how to tackle both like a pro!

Keeping it a secret


Keeping your proposal a surprise is no easy task, especially when you are trying to find the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. You don’t need to stress! There are ways you can go about finding the right ring while still keeping the momentous occasion a surprise.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to investigate. Reaching out to the people who know your partner best, such as friends and family, is always a safe bet. Chances are she has spilled the beans as far as exact styles she looks for in a ring so that could be a great starting point. Also making small talk by casually asking her questions can’t hurt and will only help you with decision making. For example, ask her what kind of trends she likes or maybe get her opinion on one of her bestie’s rings. Maybe she likes something specific about one and doesn’t agree with the style of the other. This can really help narrow things down!

Depending on where you decide to purchase the ring, either in store or online, you should do a bit of diamond research. Get to know the ins and outs of diamonds because it can also help eliminate certain things in the decision making process. For example, online sites like Blue Nile offer diamond education information that can help in your engagement ring search. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the resources jewelers provide- they can really help!

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Peek inside the jewelry box

A sneaky way to be the most accurate in finding the ideal engagement ring is by searching through her jewelry box. Take a look at the styles she has and borrow a ring for proper sizing. Just make sure to snag a ring she won’t miss! You don’t want her to freak out thinking she lost or misplaced one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.

Snoop the social sites

Take advantage of social media! Almost every girl will pin, like or retweet something they fancy, giving you enough information to help with your ring selection process. Skim through her wedding board on Pinterest (yes, pretty much every girl has one) or look through the wedding relevant sites she follows on Instagram to see what she has previously liked. This is a tech savvy way to make sure your soon to be bride gets what she likes.

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Team Effort


It isn’t the traditional way to go about popping the question, but modern day twists on traditions are becoming the norm these days! Choosing to pick out the engagement ring as a couple has become ever so popular and here are a few reasons why:

Less stress

Let’s face it, shopping with your partner will relieve a lot of the shopping stress. She will know exactly what she wants and you will be able to skip all of your second guessing. Give her the chance to select her dream ring; after all, it’s her finger, her ring!

Bonding experience

This experience is a great opportunity to bond and learn about each other. The amount of things you never knew about your partner will surprise you and you will be sure to learn something new every day. In fact, next time you need to purchase your partner a piece of jewelry, say for an anniversary or special occasion, the process will be much easier.

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Discuss the price

Another benefit of shopping together is the ability to discuss the price. Searching for an engagement ring alone could cause you to potentially overspend on a ring she may not admire as much as the one she wanted or have you underspend and choose a mediocre ring. Having a conversation with your significant other ahead of time will allow you the chance to deliberate on any sensitive financial considerations related to the major purchase.

Once you’ve successfully popped the question, you’ll want to start planning your wedding (including finding the perfect videographer!).



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