Meet the Team – Daniella Sansotta

From the first time you watch an NST Pictures wedding film to the day you receive your final products, the dedicated team at NST is working hard to make every step of your journey into marital bliss easy and fun! Get to know the passionate people who are helping to make your dreams come true.

Daniella Sansotta

U.S. Creative Director

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How did you make your way to working at NST Pictures?

I went to University of the Arts and worked in Philadelphia but I always knew I would return back to NY. Brooklyn was just where I wanted to be. In Philly, I worked in the nightlife event industry as a VJ and party host and studied filmmaking, so when I saw the ad for NST Pictures, I was like, “This is perfect. I can use my degree and do what I love in the events industry!” What a match! It’s been 5 years and going strong! I come to work and sometimes I can’t believe what I do!

Why did you choose the wedding industry?

My two passions: filming and events! I like shooting short films, music videos and documenting in ways that allow me to tell a story and preserve memories!

What do you like about working at NST Pictures?

I like creating our visual style, from choosing our gear to crafting the shot list, color-grading, and curating the soundtrack. What I love about NST Pictures is that it’s not your typical video company! There’s just something magical about the creative process that goes into bringing to life a couple’s story in a non-linear way. We use tools in the film industry to capture movement, evoking emotions in the process and recreating a story that’s pivotal in a couple’s life.

What is your favorite part of your job as NST’s Creative Director?

One of my favorite parts is working with my team. They each bring something special to the table, which helps me create our brand. It’s a really positive environment! I really love them!

You’ve seen hundreds of wedding films (literally!) so what wedding videography advice do you have for couples?

Dance your butt off and have an amazing time. Let loose and don’t let the little things bother you! Make sure you eat all the food!

Outside of NST, what artistic passions do you pursue?

I have a vintage clothing shop online! I sell nostalgic 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s pieces. I am a vintage collector at heart <3

You’re more than just a wedding expert though, so to get to know you better, tell us about your ideal day off of work!

My ideal day off is having brunch, shopping for vintage clothing, drawing, getting a round at happy hour and watching a movie while cuddling with my fat cat.

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