NST Pictures: What is the Lite Collection?

The Lite Collection

A good compromise, the Lite Collection has six hours of coverage with one shooter. This half-day of coverage is ideal for shorter weddings or when the couple’s priorities are set on covering the most traditional elements of their wedding, rather than the entirety.

This package contains:

  • 6 Consecutive Hours Of Coverage
  • 1 NST Certified Cinematographer
  • Cinematic Trailer Film (3-5 minutes)
  • Ceremony Spotlight
  • HD Digital Film Link

We certify and manage all of our cinematographers to make sure that every one of our shoots and films is created in the same, consistent style and lives up to our company’s and brides’ standards. As with all of our wedding films, every Lite Collection film is handled with artistic talent, resulting in a final product that we’re proud of and that you will cherish forever.

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