NST Pictures: What is the Premium Collection?

The Premium Collection

The Premium Collection includes ten hours of coverage with two cinematographers to make sure every moment is locked into the time capsule. With this collection, you get more footage, more angles, and more powerful shots.

This collection contains:

Plus every collection includes:

  • One dedicated wedding consultant as your point of contact and adviser throughout the planning process
  • NST customized camera profile settings to ensure our consistent and unique image standards
  • 1 additional unmanned camera set up for the ceremony to capture a second vantage angle
  • Full audio recording suite; wireless lavalier microphones, XLR band/DJ cable plug-in and H4N recording device

All of our cinematographers are certified by our in-house Creative Director so that each one of our films is crafted consistently in terms of quality and aesthetics, resulting in a final product that upholds our standards.

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