NST Pictures: What is the Complete Collection?

The Complete Collection

With a full day of coverage, we’ll be able to get the candid moments of getting ready to the last dance. An assistant/audio engineer will also be there to pay close attention to lighting and sound details as your cinematographers capture your day from two angles.

This collection contains:

  • Up to 10 hours of consecutive coverage
  • 4K/Ultra HD footage
  • 2 associate cinematographers
  • 1 audio engineer
  • Sneak Peek Film (about 1 minute) delivered 2 weeks after your wedding for immediate sharing
  • Cinematic Trailer Film (3-5 minutes)
  • Cinematic Feature Film (25 minutes)
  • Documentary Edit
  • Raw footage delivered on a USB
  • HD digital files from all films to download, make copies & share
  • Your Choice of 1 of the following:

Plus every collection includes:

  • One dedicated wedding consultant as your point of contact and adviser throughout the planning process
  • NST customized camera profile settings to ensure our unique and consistent image standards
  • 1 additional unmanned camera set up for the ceremony to capture a second vantage angle
  • Full audio recording suite; wireless lavalier microphones, XLR band/DJ cable plug-in and H4N recording device

Regardless of package, all of our cinematographers and editors are trained to create in the same style so that every product upholds consistent quality that is up to both our clients’ and our own standards.

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[…] Filming the rehearsal dinner is one the most-requested ways for our clients to personalize their wedding video packages. Rehearsal dinner coverage is available to add on to any wedding video package and is included as one choice of three “either/or options” in the Complete Collection.  […]



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