Meet Photography by Marirosa!

Allow us to introduce to you Photography by Marirosa! Based in Washington DC/Northern Virgina, Marirosa’s work has been featured in publications such as Wedding Wire, Bayside Bride, United With Love, and more! We recently had the pleasure of chatting with her, so read on and see what she has to share!

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1. What inspired you to go into wedding photography?

For me, photography has always had a special place in my heart; it allows us to relive moments and emotions just by looking back at a photograph – I was asked to photograph a friend’s wedding and gave it a try and never looked back. Weddings allow me to peek into such a wonderful day for a couple – the continuation and beginning of a new chapter in their lives, and I hope to provide them a glimpse of what their day was like and that they can always return to those moments captured by my photography.

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2. What do you look forward to the most at every wedding?

I enjoy so many parts of the wedding day. There are some highlights of every wedding I look forward to – when the bride first puts on her dress, to the groom seeing her at the end of the aisle, to the first kiss and recessional from the ceremony and of course the first dance and special dances between the couple and their parents. So many highlights! But most of all I love seeing and capturing what a couple may not even be aware of: the looks, smiles, emotions….

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3. What do you do to understand a couple’s vision and bring it to life in the photos?

I focus on getting to know my couples – this allows me to understand their relationship and know how they interact with each other. I am committed to documenting the day as it happens and communication is key. From the moment I book a couple, I make sure they know how important their day is to me and I encourage them to communicate what their hopes are for their wedding day!

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4. What advice do you have for couples in their search for a wedding photographer?

Be certain that you ‘click’ with your photographer. You should feel comfortable with them as they will be with you throughout the day – you must like them as a person and trust that they have your best interest at heart. It’s OK to ask questions, as crazy as some may seem. A good photographer will always be happy to answer the questions for you and explain everything in detail – this goes back to having a connection and communicating with each other.

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5. What has been your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

This is a hard one… I think meeting the families is one of my favorite parts – getting to see all the connections and witnessing such amazing moments. Each one of my couples holds a special place in my heart and I always look back at all my weddings and smile!

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Searching for a wedding photographer in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area? Photography by Marirosa just might be the perfect fit for your big day!

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Photos courtesy of Photography by Marirosa.



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