NST Pictures: What is a Social Sneak Peek Film?

Social Sneak Peek Film

A highlight clip up to 60 seconds that’s set to music so that you can show off your wedding ASAP on social media

Editing style: cinematic like a movie
Audio: set to music
Length: up to 60 seconds
Package: Already included in The Eight and The Ten packages but available to add on to The Six
Delivery: Delivered via a downloadable Dropbox link

Arriving digitally in just 2 weeks after your wedding date, the Social Sneak Peek Film is a mini highlight that can be easily posted to Instagram and Facebook (hint: if you want a faster turnaround, take a look at our Same Day Premier options!). The Social Sneak Peek Film’s musical score is selected by our editors to fit the style of your wedding, as you’ll notice from the sample above. You’ll also notice that the film has a vertical orientation, which has quickly become the latest video trend on social media platforms.

We certify and manage all of our cinematographers and editors to ensure that every one of our films is created in the same, consistent style and lives up to both our company’s and couples’ standards. Each Trailer Film is handled with artistic talent, resulting in a final product that we’re proud of and that you will love.

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